Teri Meri Doriyaan 28th November 2023: Angad’s Troubles Escalate as Mannat’s Unyielding Love Creates Chaos


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Veer refuses to talk to anyone and asks Angad if he spoke to him. He says he wanted to deal with this issue peacefully, but his in-laws’ bitter words destroyed Veer’s family’s reputation. According to Angad, it was Manveer and Gurleen who inflated the situation.

According to Seerat, Sahiba knew about Veer and Keerat from the beginning but hid it from the public. He says there are bigger issues than this. He says Angad spoke to Sahiba about it, and she said she didn’t know about it, and he trusts her. Hansraj says his in-laws destroyed his family’s reputation, which is more important than this.

According to Angad, there are more pressing matters at hand. He reveals that the diamond he had sold was a fake, leading to an investigation against him. The authorities have already searched his office premises. Manveer questions why Angad didn’t mention this earlier. In response, Angad explained that when he returned home, they had already been discussing Veer and Keerat’s situation, and he couldn’t interrupt. Akaal points out that this matter is now of great importance to Angad. He pleads with the family not to let any information leak until everything is resolved. Meanwhile, a mysterious man receives a call from his associate informing him of the allegations against Angad and how it marks the beginning of his downfall. The man looks at pictures of Angad and Sahiba and gives a thumbs down in disapproval.

Angad feels overwhelmed, but he quickly resolves the situation by sending a humorous message to calm himself down. After a brief rest, Mannat unexpectedly arrives at Brar Mansion and demands to speak with Sunny Sood. Despite the guards’ attempts to stop her, Mannat pulls out a small knife and threatens them. Upon hearing the commotion, Angad and Sahiba rush to the door with their family members. Sahiba recognizes Mannat’s voice and assumes she must be causing the disturbance. As they all emerge from the house, Mannat addresses Angad as Sunny and complains about not being allowed to meet him by the guards. In response, Angad sternly warns her to stay away from him and takes away her weapon before handing it over to the guards. Meanwhile, Hanraj asks Inder if he knows anyone who looks like Angad.

Despite Sahiba’s warnings, Mannat refuses to believe that her husband is Angad and continues to love him. Drama continues. Yash and Parth drive in. Parth apologizes to Brars and asks Mannat why she came here instead of going to a cafe. Mannat says she came for Sunny. Since his sister has lost her mind, Sahiba asks Parth to control her.

Sahiba says Mannat wants to prove she’s insane for stealing Sunny from her, so she goes to Yash’s house for it. Sahiba is scolded by Angad for visiting Mannat. Sahiba says she can explain; she went there for Angad’s sake. Mannat says Sahiba was trying to prove Sunny was Angad. Sahiba says it’s a fact… The drama continues…


Then Mannat calls Sahiba and says Sunny can come here and meet her. Sahiba arrives at Mannat without informing Angad and is shocked to see Angad’s doppelganger, Sunny.

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