Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd January 2024 Written Episode: Kabaddi Drama Unfolds


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Sahiba asks Angad if he will come to watch the Kabaddi match even if he doesn’t participate. Akaal says Angad can do that, at least for his family. Angad says he will, but he will not play. Angad greets the Brars and Randhawas at the Kabaddi field the following day. One player asks why Angad is not playing. According to Angad, he is injured, but they will always win.

Keerat asks Veer why he didn’t tell her about the match, and instead, she hears about it from Sahiba. Veer is preoccupied with talking to Sasha on the phone. He explained that he was busy with recordings and promotions and didn’t have time to inform her. He suggests she focus on exercising and planning for their wedding. Keerat questions how to prioritize his image when he isn’t even a star yet. Veer tells her not to bother him with it. He receives a message from Sasha saying she has something new that will take him on a “heaven tour.” He lies to Keerat that he has a promotional interview and leaves.

Garry bribes Randhawa players so they will beat him as much as possible during the match. Angad is not participating this time, so they can easily squeeze him out. Sahiba hears him and asks what he is doing. Garry says Angad will come to his rescue since Randhawas beat him up. Sahiba notices Keerat upset and asks why. Keerat says Veer left the match for some promotional event. Sahiba tells her to relax and enjoy the game.

As the match begins, the familiar “Rang De Basanti” tune fills the air. The Brars initially dominate, but their luck takes a turn, and they start falling behind. Concern creeps over them as they fear losing this year’s competition. Meanwhile, Angad is absorbed in his phone while Sahiba playfully warns him about the harmful effects of constantly looking down at screens. Garry steps onto the Randhawa field and scores against Inder’s team. The Randhwas, feeling too lenient with Garry, take matters into their own hands and physically attack him. In the chaos, Garry starts bleeding and Jasleen protests that it’s unfair for him to be so badly injured.

As Randhawas beats Garry, Angad silently watches. Angad recalls saving Garry when they were children. Garry continues to provoke Randhawas to beat him more. Jasleen pleads that someone save Garry; otherwise, Randhawas will kill him. Angad recalls his hatred for Garry and gets back on his phone.


Angad stops Sahiba and says he will play and fulfil Randhawa’s wish. He lifts Garry, holding his hand, and makes Brars happy.

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