Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th April 2023 Written Update


Sahiba told him that she spoke to him over Seerat’s phone and thinks her one lie has ruined his life. Angad visits his office and asks his secretary to schedule a meeting with his clients. After hearing that, Veer sends the secretary away. He asks Angad if he is still holding a grudge against Sahiba.

Akaal enters and says Angad will not go home, Angad’s job is his meditation and prayers, Angad should stop thinking about Seerat and realize Sahiba is his wife now. He says Angad spent the night with Sahiba and saved Seerat. He is fortunate to have 2 girls in his life. Prabjyoth serves tea to Hansraj. Her son is stuck between 2 fraud sisters and is not sure when he will get rid of them, so Manveer warns him to think before speaking out the dirt in his mind.

Then Japjyoth walks in and tells her to stop talking ill. Akaal had asked her to check where Sahiba is. Sahiba is a family member, and it is their duty to find out where she is. Angad’s life won’t be the same if she blackens her face somewhere. Japjyoth asks her why she is holding such a grudge against Sahiba, why does she refuse to accept that Angad is married to Sahiba? She asks for Sahiba’s number so she can call him.

Manveer asks Sahiba if Seerat revealed to whom she had eloped. Sahiba denies this. Jasleen says she should not call her favourite DIL since she is back home. When Seerat got intimate with a boy she eloped with and got pregnant, she tried to commit suicide; Sahiba saved her sister, but could not save the baby.

Jasleen asks her to accept the truth. Sahiba says she will expose the truth soon and leaves. As Sahiba walks to her store room, Angad walks in. Sahiba asks why Angad returned to his abandoned wife, if he wants to force himself on her and if he is intoxicated. Angad says he came to expose her plans. Sahiba asks what kind. She started planning the day he met her and started the rich-poor game, got her sister in his life, replaced her sister and married him, and hid her sister cleverly and her plan failed when Seerat attempted suicide.

Sahiba asks what Angad means. Angad says there are no boys in Seerat’s life, Seerat was just following Sahiba’s instructions. He continues that Angad spoke to Sahiba over the phone and made him fall in love with Seerat. Angad and Sahiba’s wedding pictures are displayed on Seerat’s mobile phone. She looks at Garry’s social media account and her comments on Garry’s pictures.

Garry lured her with his sugary talks. Santosh snatched her phone and asked what she was doing with Taiji’s. She handed her a broom and asked her to sweep the floor. Santosh says she has wrongly pampered her up until now, and it cannot continue. Seerat sweeps the floor weeping.

In response, Sahiba warns Angad to watch his tongue. Angad asks why Seerat was replaced instead of Keerat or some other girl, it was all part of her plans to marry him. He warns him to keep his filthy thoughts to himself and challenges her to find out who provoked Seerat to elope and to leave if she fails. As her sister is also involved in the challenge, and his family will start playing the blame game again, etc., she requests they keep their challenge between themselves.

Manveer enters and asks what it is. Angad agrees to keep it between them.

Garry calls Seeerart and tells him she hid his name as promised, now he has to give her the life he promised her. Sahiba hears them talk and realizes Garry provoked Seerat to elope.

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