Faltu 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

The episode begins with Tanisha saying Faltu is okay, she’ll be at the cricket ground now, I’ve solved your problem. Ayaan asks how she knows. She says you wanted to know who donated the money for Faltu’s operation, and I did.

Amar comes and smiles seeing Lajwanti. Charan thanked them for helping them. Mausi asks Charan why she can’t see well after the operation. Charan says that she will be able to see soon. We will go now, let her rest, you can tell us if you need anything. Khemchand calls Charan. He asks why you contacted him. In your absence, Ratan and Pappi are selling the house and property. You may lose everything, so come back and deal with it.

Thank you for informing me. Faltu asks what happened. Charan says that Ratan and Pappi want to sell our property and make it a guest house.

Tanisha says sorry, I couldn’t see you worried. I will get Faltu’s admission to Cricket Academy, you focus on yourself. Ayaan thinks of his promise. Faltu and her family are thankless, you were right. I won’t think about her anymore. She smiles.

The wife says don’t stress yourself out because of her. Tanisha said it was good, you got to know her truth, start a new chapter, she was here all night, she didn’t eat anything, she was so worried, she didn’t even sleep. You are very lucky to have a wife like Tanisha, she always thinks of you.

Tanisha holds Ayaan’s hand. Savita says she had Faltu’s eye operation done for your mental peace. Dadi says she is right, she needs time to learn things to become our bahu, but she has become the best wife, she loves you a lot. We will take Ayaan home, there’s a surprise, Tanisha says. Savita agrees. When I was unconscious, did you talk to me? She says no. He says I feel like someone came and talked to me, if not you. Charan says no, we need to take care of Faltu’s eyes first. He asks Lajwanti if will she take care of Faltu. Lajwanti says yes. Charan says then we will all go to the village.

I am worried that Faltu and Ayaan can get together because of cricket, I am upset, you didn’t tell me anything. Janardhan asks why Tanisha is doing all this, she wants Faltu’s admission to the cricket academy.

My apologies, I didn’t have time to let you know that Tanisha loves Ayaan and wants to free him from Faltu’s thoughts. I will never allow Ayaan and Faltu to have a relationship. Faltu tells Lajwanti that he went to meet Ayaan. He says he doesn’t want injustice to happen to Tanisha, she is my bahu, to make sure that it doesn’t hurt her.

If Lajwanti and his family find out why you left… Faltu thinks I told him the truth and lightened my heart. Lajwanti says do not doubt Tanisha, she is doing a lot for you. Dadi does his aarti. Everyone welcomes Ayaan. Dadi asks Tanisha to always support Ayaan. Tanisha agrees. They hug.

Then Janardhan says to Ayaan, take him to his room, he needs to rest. Ayaan takes his blessings. Janardhan says no work talks, just rest. Sid says he’ll handle the work until Ayaan is well. He nods. Janardhan says you’re doing a great job. Sid thanks him. Everyone smiles.

Sid stops Tanisha and says Ayaan hates Faltu, he’s angry, and it’s because of love. She says time will reveal the truth, but I have to keep Faltu away from him until the truth comes out.

In Sid’s opinion, if you want to know what he is thinking, get them close, otherwise, you won’t be able to figure out what is going on behind your back. You know Ayaan, he won’t be at peace until he finds the truth, he once cared for her, but he now hates her, and when she falls into some trouble, his anger will disappear. Keep them in front of your eyes.

Suppose Faltu tells Ayaan about the sindoor matter, what will happen, everything will end for me if they get close. He says no, you can create more misunderstandings between them. She says you are right, but what will happen if Faltu tells Ayaan about the sindoor matter?

She says I think you are right, but how will I convince the family. He says we will figure something out. He says you are always welcome. She goes. He says I will get many chances to bring them together, wow, Tanisha, you’re so easy to manipulate. He laughs.


Ayaan asks how Faltu will repay. She says she will become a maid and work to earn money. He asks her to become his maid. She accepts.

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