Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Shahana asks Dadi what happened, did you not get any sleep? Dadi says she is not getting any sleep, her heart is worried, and she is crying. Dadi asks Shahana to call Prachi. Prachi cries and smiles, remembering her emotional meeting with Rhea. She picks up the phone and says Dadi.

Shahana asks Prachi if Pallavi aunty said anything. Prachi says no and tells Dadi that she met Rhea here. Dadi asks why you are crying? Prachi says I am at home. She then says I am at Ranbir’s house. She says she felt good meeting Rhea, as her twin sister was in front of her. When she hugged me, I felt like Maa was hugging me. Shahana says it is good, but why are you crying?

Dadi says I understand how you feel, it seems like you’ve found your identity. Shahana says we’ll also cry if you cry. She says she no longer feels incomplete. Dadi and Shahana ask her to come home. Dadi tells Shahana the tears were happy tears. Shahana is happy for Prachi.

When Akshay asks Ranbir if he will take him to meet his chikchiki, Ranbir says that love doesn’t come alone, but problems do as well. He says that my heart and mind were helpless in front of the situation.

Akshay says I can’t use words properly. He has watched English movies abroad. Ranbir says I knew it and says I was preparing for you, and I’ll get poetry written on the projector for you. Ranbir says I told my chikchiki about the poetry, and she agreed. He asks him to record it in his voice, and he writes it for him. He asks him to say the girl’s name at the end.

He says I think I’m going to get her because of you. Ranbir says DJ will be there, ask him to add music, we’ll play it before cake cutting. As Badi Dadi tells Dida, they must get Prachi to understand that things have changed. Dida says Pallavi will be upset. Badi Dadi says we will tell her. Prachi greets Badi Dadi.

Prachi says you are Dida’s elder sister. Badi Dadi says you have forgotten your family, what they have done that you were against. She says you scolded Panchi, then Ranbir. Dida says whatever has happened, happened for good, and asks why you didn’t return. She says we thought you weren’t alive.

We all accepted that you were not alive after getting the call that your body was found. Rhea came here and she did so much for this place.

She says she once saved Pallavi risking her life for her. Badi Dida says Rhea came as angel for me. Dida says she is angel for everyone. Prachi asks if my Rhea has done this, and she says that nobody had ever spoken like this, so I felt good, and I told her that she would have been happy if Maa had been alive.

Despite Rhea’s arrogance and rudeness, she did this, and she’s very happy about it. She thanks them for letting her know about this. Ranbir asks Akshay to read it. Akshay asks him to go out and says he will record. Ranbir says he can help. Akshay says he will record and then come out.

When Ranbir asks Akshay to give DJ the pendrive, Akshay says okay and asks him to leave. Ranbir says if he stays, he will correct you. As you are nervous, Ranbir says I’ll go out and wish you all the best for recording. Akshay says I’ll do it. Ranbir calls Khushi.

Pallavi asks Ranbir to come and cut the cake. Ranbir asks if Khushi was there. Pallavi says Khushi left with Maayi as it was getting late. When Ranbir calls Khushi, she apologizes for leaving without informing him. Ranbir says he wanted to celebrate his birthday with her. Khushi says she is sorry for leaving without informing him.

The call is answered by Laali, who says they will be busy tomorrow. Ranbir asks Laali to call Khushi and tell her he will celebrate his birthday with her tomorrow. Ranbir ends the call. Pallavi asks if you met Khushi with Rhea. Ranbir says yes.

She asks her to put black tika. Rhea says she can’t look as beautiful as her. Prachi calls Rhea and tells her that she hadn’t told her she looked beautiful. Rhea says my sister is the most beautiful girl in the world. Akshay arrives. Prachi introduces him as her boss’s son and her colleague.

Prachi says Akshay considers himself as her friend, which is not true. Akshay asks her to come with him. Prachi asks Rhea to come with her. Akshay dances with Prachi. Prachi dances with him. Dida and Badi Dida make Rhea dance with Ranbir. Song plays…Prachi and Ranbir look at each other.

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