Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th April 2023 Written Update


He agrees and says he won’t discuss this with anyone else. Sahiba tells Angad that she will search for the boy who manipulated Seerat at any cost. Manveer asks what it is. Angad says he cannot say anything at this time. Manveer reminds him not to hide anything from his mother, says Sahiba is more important to him now, and walks away.

In Mongas, Taiji asks Seantosh to tease Seerat affectionately. Santosh says that Seerat misappropriated her affection and eloped, and now no one is willing to marry her. Santosh notices Sahiba’s gift and asks Keerat if she forgot to give it to Sahiba. Keerat replies that Sahiba forgot it. Santosh asks her to go give it to Sahiba. Keerat leaves. Seerat watches silently.

Angad walks behind Manveer asking her not to leave. Angad’s family stops her and asks what is going on. Manveer replies that she should have left long ago, that Angad promised to share everything with her and now he is breaking that promise. Her son has married now and cannot follow her instructions, but other family members care for her, so Jasleen asks if she can go and stay in their farmhouse. Angad and Sahiba reply that she is mistaken. Jasleen asks if she will go and stay in their farmhouse.

Sahiba holds Manveer’s hand as he tries to leave. Manveer verbally abuses her as usual. Manveer creates a scene even here, Keerat says. Sahiba tries to stop her. Keerat says aunty verbally abused Sahiba at home and even here.

Keerat says her maternal grandmother sent sweets for them so that they can’t blame Sahiba for sending her empty handed. She advises Manveer to stop talking bitterly and think positively. Keerat says that Manveer doesn’t look that frowning and that she was smiling during the wedding, so she should keep her smile. Angad shouts how dare she misbehave with her mamma.

Manveer throws away the sweets that she tries to feed him. She continues to shout as she tries to feed him sweets. He says it’s not her fault because mamma’s puppet Angad is speaking against her. He says Mongas hate her so much that they sent their other daughter to humiliate her.

When they went to Sahiba’s house, they saw Angad shirtless receiving a massage from Sahiba. Manveer says Sahiba has done black magic on Angad. Sahiba threatens Manveer with expulsion unless she kicks her out. Keerat tells her to mind her tongue and says her sister has her own house, she will take her from here.

Angad stops her and tells her that Sahiba will stay at Brar mansion. He tells Sahiba that he doesn’t trust her and can’t let her conspire against him. Manveer shouts that Angad cares more for Sahiba than her, so it’s better she leaves this house. Angad stops her. Manveer collapses. Veer calls the doctor.

Sahiba feeds sweets and water to Manveer. Angad stops her and blames her for his mamma’s condition, saying she should leave this house with her.

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