KumKum Bhagya 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Written Episode Update of Kumkum Bhagya 5th January 2023.

The Episode kicks off with Prachi asking Ranbir to intervene and open the door for Rhea. She eventually does so, and upon entering she envelopes Ranbir in a hug and expresses her gratitude for coming to her aid. Despite his indignation, he eventually calms down and she declares her affection for him. Then Rhea tells Prachi not to come into her room again, pointing out that the latter hurt her emotionally. She further laments that if it hadn’t been for Prachi, her life would have turned out differently. Shahana accompanied Prachi as she walked away.

Ranbir takes some of Rhea’s possessions from her wardrobe and packs them into a bag. When she asks him why, he informs her that he won’t kick her out, but he can still drive her away. She begs him to stop and hear her out, only for Ranbir to retort that he stops her from putting on an act. In the process of attempting to grab the bag, Rhea trips, leading Prachi to wonder what happened. In reaction, Rhea shoves Prachi who is almost about to go off balance. Stunned by Rhea’s behaviour and lack of consideration for Prachi’s safety, Ranbir remembers his statement about how big-hearted Prachi is without a mind of her own and wonders why she could love someone like Rhea so much. To this Prachi reassures Ranbir that she is fine but notices that it was actually Rhea who got injured in the end.

Rhea implores Ranbir to confess his real sentiments for her, reminding him of how they used to be the perfect pair in college. She ties him to his word and seeks a response – is he still fond of her, dream of having a future with her? Despite her earnest entreaties, Ranbir informs her that he never had genuine adoration for her; it was only a passing fancy. He further amplifies by saying that while pretending to love Prachi, it dawned upon him who he really loves and it isn’t Rhea. He completes it by asserting that she could never understand Prachi’s measure of affection.

Due to Prachi’s lack of manipulation and lying, Ranbir said her presence was necessary. In response, Rhea argued that he had been in love with her. Although it was difficult for him to explain the situation, he requested she leave his house. After collecting her belongings, she obliged. Now everyone was able to see the truth. The tension had dissipated, and Vikram agreed it had indeed been a challenging day.

After 10 minutes, Aryan and Shahana welcomed Ranbir into the room, his clothes already in possession. Aryan’s brotherly admiration was evident as he commented on how good-looking Ranbir is, to which Shahana fondly replied that she wouldn’t refer to him as her brother, given his attractiveness. As Prachi entered, Aryan quickly complimented her beauty and declared her his sister. Shahana reminded them both of the surprise dinners they had arranged for them. Ranbir expressed his gratitude before Prachi jokingly asked for ‘jhalli’ version of Shahana back. He proceeded to send them away after requesting for a DJ evening with music from Aryan and food from Shahana – the Suna hai song playing in the background as their departure began.

Our new life began with a romantic dinner, and Ranbir asks Prachi if she is happy. Prachi says it feels like a dream when he tells her we got Mummy’s blessing. He says it will be the same when it breaks, she’ll get the same husband and love. Ek tu hai…

Rhea arrives at Aaliya’s, and is refused entry. She insists it was in order to return her bag. After being reluctantly allowed in, Rhea expresses her sorrow over Ranbir not allowing her to stay there. She notes that Prachi gained the benefit, leaving nothing for herself – no rights or reasons – as Ranbir’s words had been particularly hurtful, killing her spirit in an instant. All Rhea desires is a place where she can grieve before ultimately leaving this world. Aaliya deeply wishes she could change the situation, but all she can do is suggest ways of persevering until then, eventually hoping for a way to explain if required.

She says they have ruined Rhea’s life, she can’t see them happy. Pallavi announces Prachi as her bride.

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