Kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Manpreet reassuring Khushi that not everyone’s thoughts revolve around money. However, Khushi admits that she does think about it and shares how being poor has forced her to suppress her desires. She recalls a time when she had longed for a simple sandal for years. As Poorvi’s elder sister, she doesn’t want her to face the same struggles they did during their childhood, especially since they were raised by a single working mother. Prachi suggests talking to Poorvi directly if there are any doubts about the proposed alliance and asks Poorvi what she truly wants.

Prachi tells Khushi, you’ve married a rich guy, but what’s the point? He doesn’t have time for you. Khushi says at least I’m happy. Vishaka says she cares for us, cares for Poorvi, and that she had not made choices like her. Manpreet says the girl says anything. Khushi goes behind her. Vishaka says she has come to give us happiness, but got pain instead.

As the doorbell chimed, Ranbir’s mind raced, wondering who could possibly be at his doorstep. He swiftly opened the door and was relieved to see Poorvi standing there with her luggage. Without hesitation, he offered to carry her bags inside. As she stepped through the threshold, he summoned the driver for a glass of water. She took a seat and Ranbir asked about the condition of her injured foot. She replied that it was still sprained. Determined to help, Ranbir assured her that he would make it better and gently took hold of her foot. But she protested, pleading for him not to overexert himself. With a sympathetic smile, Ranbir remarked that if her father were here, he wouldn’t have accepted such resistance from her. Her response was solemn as she revealed that she never had a father around. Refusing to let poor Poorvi suffer in pain any longer, Ranbir playfully stated that in this moment, he would temporarily take on the role of her caring father figure. With a swift twist of her ankle, he successfully alleviated some of her discomfort before casually asking when she got engaged.

She tried the ring to check its size because she was getting engaged tomorrow. In his words, Ranbir says that God blesses her and that good things will happen to her. Poorvi gives him 2500 rupees and tells him she will leave. He appreciates her honesty. Poorvi says that her fiancé is waiting for her and leaves. She goes to Ashutosh and the mechanic tells him the cost of the repair. She tries to tell him about KK, but he ignores her and talks to someone on the phone. They sit in the car.

RV is in his room when Dada ji enters, searching for Yug. He mentions that his friend is a skilled black belt in karate and offers to call him over. Dada ji asks RV about Yug’s whereabouts and he replies that he is behind the sofa. Dada ji goes to check and reprimands Yug, who then turns to RV for help. RV reminds them that Dada ji’s friend is aware of everything and asks what Yug has done wrong this time. Dada ji explains that Yug created a social media account with the name “Yug Maa ka Aashirwad” instead of “Yug Dada ji ka Aashirwad” and adds that he loves them dearly. Yug expresses his disappointment in not being told this before being punished, to which Dada ji reminds RV that he may not be their mother or grandmother, but he still understands without having to say anything. In this moment, RV thinks about Poorvi.

After Ashutosh and Poorvi return home, Prachi asks Poorvi to make tea for him. Poorvi makes tea in the kitchen. Prachi tells Prachi that she went to KK’s house, but it was someone else’s house. Prachi asks Poorvi how she saved money from shopping, and she replies that she gave him money and that Ashutosh bargained. Poorvi says Ashutosh bargained. Ashutosh says he explained the salesman, lectured him, and negotiated the price.

Ashutosh gets up, says he must go to the insurance company as someone’s sight has fallen on my scooter. Khaushi says you lectured him for 25 minutes. Prachi asks what happened. He asks her to ask Poorvi. Poorvi tells him about the accident. Prachi and Khushi ask her if she’s fine? Poorvi says yes. Khushi sees the ring on her finger and asks her to come with her. Prachi asks Vishaka if Khushi is fine? Vishaka says Khushi is fine, and she won’t come here if she is not.

Dada ji inquires about RV’s current state, to which Yug responds that it is due to KK. Dada ji acknowledges this and adds that if KK had been a girl, RV may have ran away with him. He comments that this is a common issue among girls. RV explains that they had an incident involving a scooter and a lost engagement ring, leading the girl to believe in superstitious beliefs about the connection between the engagement finger and the heart. Dada ji agrees with her and suggests that their destinies are now intertwined. He asks if the girl was attractive, to which RV first says yes but then corrects himself by saying she wasn’t particularly beautiful. As Dada ji receives a call from Dadi and leaves, Yug wonders if the girl was Poorvi, but RV clarifies that it wasn’t her.

Poorvi asks Khushi why Ashutosh made her wear the ring one day before engagement and it is light weight. Diya says he won’t do anything without a specific time. Poorvi tells her she was trying to check. Khushi says it’s okay if she doesn’t want to tell, and is about to leave. RV made Poorvi wear a ring.


As Ranbir wakes up at night, he thinks Khushi might have gotten engaged. Poorvi tells Khushi that she doesn’t want a rich husband who doesn’t have time for her, but she wants a life partner who is always by her side. RV tells Yug that the girl isn’t poorvi. Yug says I didn’t ask, so that means she’s in your mind.

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