Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th August 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Isha urges Savi to inquire about the reasons behind Mr. Ishan Bhosale’s decision not to grant her admission despite passing the interview. She also questions why multiple tests were administered if admission was not a possibility. Nishikanth points out that Savi has yet to pay the college fees. Isha reminds everyone that Savi rightfully earned a scholarship at this college and requests for a day’s extension to make the payment. She directly asks Yashwant if his institution is facing financial difficulties, as he resorted to threatening a student over fees. She expresses disappointment in their supposed lack of teaching of basic human values at their college. To which, Yashwanth responds by stating that it is not her place to dictate the curriculum of his college.

According to Isha, Yashwanth is a fan of dictatorship. However, Shantanu advises her to focus on getting Savi’s admission and leaving the situation behind. He offers to cover the fees for her. Isha agrees to pay but clarifies that Savi is Shantanu’s responsibility and she just wants to address their mistreatment. Ishan interrupts and mentions that Savi missed the 11 a.m. deadline for submission, disqualifying her for admission. Isha inquires about the office hours, which are 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and questions why there was an 11 a.m. cutoff for Savi.

Shantanu directs the clerk to complete Savi’s admission formalities and tells Isha to drop the matter. Isha reminds him that he has a history of covering up for others’ wrongdoings. Ishan accuses Savi of lying and reveals that she ran away from her wedding and took her sister’s bangles with her. In response, Savi defends herself, stating that they passed judgment without hearing her side; she had no choice but to flee her marriage as she was being coerced into marrying an alcoholic and womanizer. She adds that she chose to pursue further education in order to fulfill her parents’ wishes. Finally, Savi calls Harini and inquires about the alleged jewelry theft.

Her aaji gifted Harini jewelry and she gave it to her sister in need, but Kiran went to the jewelry shop and caused a scene. Harini thanks Savi, who proves her innocence. Isha asks Savi to finish her admission while she waits, greets Yashwanth, and walks to the waiting area. Isha fumes and thinks Yashwanth was wrong to come here.

In a fit of anger, Ishan storms to his cabin with Shantanu following closely behind, trying to console him. Nishanth enters and asks Shantanu to give Ishan some space to calm down. Shantanu obliges and leaves. Meanwhile, Savi completes the admission formalities and joyfully embraces Isha, expressing her gratitude. Curious, she questions why Isha personally came to hand over the transfer certificate. Isha explains that she was afraid of Bhosale causing trouble for her, which is why she took matters into her own hands. She goes on to describe how Ashwini’s assistance helped her obtain the TC from the principal and praises Ashwini for being willing to stand up for her. Savi adds that if their elder grandmother were to find out about Ashwini’s actions, she would surely be enraged. She commends Isha for standing up against injustice and declares that she will strive to carry on Isha’s legacy as her student. Proudly, Isha remarks how much her student has grown up. They share a heartfelt conversation before Isha bids farewell and leaves.

Shantanu spots Isha at a tea shop and approaches her. He expresses his surprise that she didn’t come to his office to talk, while Isha explains that she assumed he didn’t want to see her. Shantanu then shares how much he has been looking forward to meeting her and brings up the recent challenges in Ishan’s life, mentioning how he believes Isha would have been a comforting presence for him. Isha laments that if they had allowed Ishan to go with her, their son wouldn’t have had to endure these difficulties. She asks Shantanu to be there for their son and offer him love and support, before bidding him farewell. Shantanu reminds her that she should come back soon.


Savi is bullied and locked in a room by Anvi, Durva, and their friends.


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