Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Uncovers Samrudh’s Truth


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The guests say they never thought they would see such a drama at a Bhosale family function, and Bhosales should have investigated the boy more thoroughly before setting up the alliance. Ishan is told to trust Savi, but Surekha says there is nothing like that. Harini informs Savi that Isha won’t pick up the call, and the 10 minutes are almost up. Savi calls Isha again.

The call comes in, and Shantanu says Isha is sleeping after taking medicine. He asks if the call is essential. Savi tells Isha it’s about Samrudh. In waking Isha, Shantanu informs her that Savi wants to speak to her about Samrudh. Isha takes the call. Savi informs her that Durva is getting married to Samrudh Latkar, and he asks her to send evidence against Samrudh. Isha informs Shantanu about it and searches for pictures on her mobile.

It was Ishan who trusted Savi and put his family’s dignity at risk. Mandar asks Samrudh what will happen if he gets evidence. Samrudh says he won’t and that he will marry Durva regardless. Durva and her friends yell at Savi for spoiling Durva’s special day. Isha gives Savi pictures. The projector shows a picture of Samrudh with his married girlfriend, and Savi says Samrudh is not just an alcoholic and drug addict, but he is also a womanizer and has affairs with married women.

Samrudh informs Durva and Anvi that he believes the photos have been altered using AI technology. Durva agrees and proceeds to shame Savi once again. Isha assures Shantanu that the Bhosales will not accept Savi’s claims. Upon receiving a call from Savi, Isha reveals that the Bhosales are convinced the photos are fake and asks for alternative evidence. Luckily, Isha has incriminating documents on her laptop from Samrudh’s drug rehabilitation centre and previous police complaints. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Shantanu decides to involve the police and contact Baji Rao.

She tells Savi they must leave as the Bhosales won’t trust her. Savi says she won’t until she proves her point. Samrudh says he knows that woman who is his friend’s wife and falls in love with her while trying to help her. Accusing Savi of fabricating evidence, Nishi drags her out of the house and throws her out.

A panicked Ishan rushes to Savi to ask Nishi what kind of behaviour this is. Harini tells Savi that she has already told her these people won’t believe her and walks toward the gate. Savi says she cannot let Durva’s life be ruined. Isha sends her drug rehab report and police complaint copy. Savi shows it to everyone and says Samrudh is a drug addict and has filed several FIRs for eve-teasing girls.

Durva convinces Surekha that Sam is right. Mandar tells Yashwant that he can’t bear more insult, either Savi is here or they will be here. Samrudh says the documents are fake and tells Yashwant that he knows how easy they are to morph.

Yashwant yells at Savi, demanding that she stop presenting false evidence. He has complete faith in Mandar and his family and is determined to ensure that Durva marries Sam, no matter what. He warns her to leave his house or face being kicked out. Harini intervenes and leads Savi away. Reminded of Isha’s previous information about Mandar’s family fleeing from Ramtek due to financial losses, Savi returns and requests the Bhosales’ permission to ask the Latkars one more question. Nishi objects, but Ishan convinces him otherwise. Savi then asks the Latkars why they suddenly left Ramtek. The Latkars appear anxious in response.


After Ishan trashes Samrudh for trying to ruin Durva’s life, Baji arrests Samrudh and his family. Samrudh challenges Savi and Durva to take revenge on Ishan.

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