Pandya Store 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Isha Returns Amidst Family Drama

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dhawal and Natasha get into a moment in the episode. He sees the goons and hugs Natasha. They hide and run out. They lock the goons in the room. Shesh and Mittu call the police. Chirag gets injured. Bhaven warns him to be careful. Isha stops the flashback, showing Amrish throwing Isha out of the house.

Then Isha says, “I’ll come home once I’m something.” She says no, I can’t go inside, but I can’t stand here, so what should I do?” Dhawal says I’ve locked everyone in. Hetal says Isha has run away. When Natasha sees Isha at the door, she stops and drags her inside. Suman, Shesh, and Mittu call the police. Amrish tells them that the thieves are in that room. Police arrest the goons. Chiku arrives, and Amba and family are shocked. Isha is seen.

With joyful expressions on their faces, Amrish is heard calling out Isha’s name in a stern voice, chastising her for returning to the house. As a result, Isha takes a few steps back. Amba then intervenes, attempting to reason with Amrish, but he cuts her off by saying he does not want to hear it today. Natasha chimes in, admitting to bringing Isha back home. The rest of the family watches on as she continues, pointing out that it is Diwali and they cannot perform Laxmi puja without Laxmi in the house. She adds that seeing Amba emotional about this situation was heartbreaking, and despite everyone’s efforts to bring Isha back, their plan was thwarted by the arrival of undesired guests. Amba gazes at her daughter-in-law while Dhawal recalls Natasha’s words. Suman expresses her contentment with Rishita’s daughter being just like her mother and acknowledges her belief that Isha shares a connection with the Makhwanas. Chiku also remembers Isha’s words.

Dhawal and everyone smile when Natasha asks Isha to forget the differences and hug everyone. She says I know you all love Isha a lot, Chirag and Bhaven long to hug her, now they can. She asks Amrish to hug Isha. Dolly says this looks like an anticlimax of a Hindi movie, will Amrish accept Isha. Pranali says she doesn’t know. She taunts Bhaven about his family drama.

Isha and Dhawal cry. Suman thinks I knew something was wrong. Dhawal asks where you went, I searched for you a lot, three years is a long time; I won’t let you go anywhere now. Amrish pushes Dhawal away, who stops Chiku from getting in between. Chiku asks how they can do this with Isha. Suman says shut up, not here. She signs Shesh and Mittu to come. She takes her grandsons and leaves.

Dhawal, Amrish says Isha is not our sister. Natasha says she is your sister. Amrish says no, I cannot forget the day when she left us and why she left us; she is my enemy, and I want her arrested. Dhawal asks why; having a different opinion doesn’t mean she committed a crime. Amrish says she kidnapped Golu, which is an offence. They are all shocked.

Amrish thinks what’s going on, Natasha is proven innocent, and my sister is here as the culprit, right. He says it was some other girl, yes. Then Natasha showed me the photos and Kamarbandh, I got doubts, I found out, it was Isha’s bag, she kidnapped Golu.

Suman and everyone return home. She says there is always drama in the Pandya family. She says we forgot the gifts are here. Mittu thinks I will get it. Suman says it won’t be good to go there. Chiku thinks we should go there and should have stood by Natasha and Isha since they insulted them. He says, don’t teach me. Listen to me, Chiku.

Dhawal apologizes to Natasha for hurting her on the floor. He holds her hand and says sorry, I didn’t trust you, please forgive me. Dolly says this is a good moment, and I can’t put it out there. Hetal says look at the situation. Natasha cries and wonders what to do, if she lets Amrish’s truth out then Isha’s return will become impossible.

Pranali says she always wants spice; I’m not part of this. She asks Dhawal to get up. She says there’s nothing to apologize for. Natasha says sorry. You all think Isha did this, but Isha didn’t do anything; her bag got stolen. I didn’t know it was her bag, and I got it home, so I apologize. Isha wonders why she is lying to save me from this.

Natasha asks Isha to tell everyone about her bag being stolen. She says she had told me about it, and I’m sorry. Dhawal nods. Pranali says Isha won’t want to stay here. The situation may be a misunderstanding now, but what happened three years back wasn’t a misunderstanding; Isha left this house and now has no place here.


Natasha says it’s not you. Your old thinking caused Dhawal to raise his voice in front of me. Amrish says my house will crumble because of you.

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