Pandya Store 10th February 2023 Written Update

Shiva says you wanted the microphone. Rishita says you don’t deserve it. He says you won’t beg on the streets soon if you chant Dhara’s name. He begins to shout and defend Dhara. Dhara asks them not to argue. Raavi asks Shiva to go and see Mittu. Shiva leaves. Raavi says you are saying this because I asked you for clothes for Shiva and Mittu.

Shiva calls out Mittu. Natasha sees the kids and gets scared. Shesh scolds her. Natasha says stay away from me, my mother will scold you. She shuts the temple door. She says you are bad boys, you came to fight with me. Shesh says I am a bad boy. Chiku says we won’t fight, open the door. She says no, I won’t let you pull my hair. Shesh says she is acting well.

Shesh says she is not well. Chiku says we won’t do anything, open the gate. She falls. Shweta says I’m coming to settle scores and ruin your life. She enters the Pandya house. Chiku says to open the door.

Shweta smiles seeing everyone. She claps. Everyone turns and gets shocked seeing her. They break the door to find Natasha. They all recall the old incident. Dhara says, Shweta… She stops and looks at the papers. Shweta greets Suman. Dhara keeps the papers. Shweta compliments Krish on his engagement. As they rush to Natasha, Chiku says he has seen her somewhere, but he doesn’t remember where. They sprinkle water to wake her up. Shweta taunts Krish. Prerna hugs Shweta.

She says such a beautiful bride, you both look really cute, I will ward off the bad sight. Shweta gets an aarti plate. Dev and Rishita run out and call out Chutki. Krish and Prerna’s aarti is done by Shweta and she jokes. She applies tilak to him and asks why I wasn’t invited. She throws the aarti plate, Krish shouts. After asking people about Chutki, Rishita and Dev rush home. Rishita slaps Shweta and asks where Chutki is. Dev scolds Shweta and asks where Chutki is. Dhara stops Rishita.

Then Shweta asks, did you go mad? Dhara slaps her. She asks, “Where’s Chutki, please say it.” Everyone surrounds her. Rishita says, “I have lived without Chutki all these years.” Raavi says you snatched our happiness, Shiva is in this condition because of you. Tell us where Chutki is. This time, she can’t run away, so Dhara asks Dev to call the police. Prerna’s mother says, “So this is Shweta, Krish, is your first wife such a woman?”

Shrish asks, where is Chutki? Shweta says, “You can’t do anything,” you are useless as always. He says, “You’ll know what I can do if you tell me where Chutki is.” Dhara wonders why you didn’t die. Shweta wonders why I should die like you are happy with Chiku, and I am happy with Chutki.

Prerna’s mum Ruchi asks why she come back now. Prerna’s dad Mahesh says enough, we should go. Ruchi says yes, this family is a mess, I’ll speak to Krish, Prerna, come along. Then Prerna refuses to go. Dhara asks Shweta to tell him where Chutki is. Shweta starts laughing. She says you didn’t want Chutki to know about him, so you called the police. Okay, fine, call the police, then I won’t tell you about Chutki.


Everyone is shocked when Rishita asks Dhara to give Chiku to Shweta. Raavi says the police will see her. Shweta says Chutki is going to die if you give her to the police.

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