Meet 9th February 2023 Written Update


Meet, Raj, Babita, and Broker are at Ahlawat mansion. Broker tells Raj about the property and how safe it is from Sarkarpur. Raj agrees. In apologies to Meet Ahlawat, Meet remembers Meet Ahlawat’s dream. Jasodha joins Manmeet in playing Dhol. Manmeet starts playing Dhol and Jasodha joins.

As Manmeet walks towards Meet, Raj comes in between and says don’t come forward. Manmeet says I can’t do anything to you, but you forget we are husband and wife. Babita says you played with us and I won’t let you do anything to her. Manmeet asks the broker to leave. Manmeet says to Meet I thought you were strong and makes fun of her. Jasodha asks a few people to walk in. A few ladies walk into the Ahlawat mansion.

You left these workers alone, according to Manmeet, and their lives became a hell as a result of your dream. Your friend Chanda was left alone with her son by her husband and now she is alone, and you know what will happen to them in the future; they will die and you will die as well. If you want to live in Sarkarpur, repeat after me ‘Hail Sarkar’ (sarkar ke jai ho!). Meet with tears in her eyes. Jasodha gives money to Meet and says not come back to Sarkarpur again.

Seeing that you thought we would be scared of you, Manmeet says to her your husband must be thinking I died to save her and she cannot achieve her dream. Manmeet shouts it’s not your fault women are weak, he mocks her and leaves. Meet flees. She stumbles and falls in front of God’s idol as she walks towards the temple barefoot.

Manmeet says in his room that he knows Meet will return to take papers when he thinks about her. We are going to get married tomorrow, but you are still thinking about her, are you in love with Meet? Shagun walks up to him and says I got hurt because of her, but I kept quiet. Manmeet looks at her. When you wanted me to lose then why did you make me so strong, I’m exhausted, and I can’t fight anymore, please tell me why you aren’t supporting me, show me what you are capable of.

Meet says if you are unable to answer me, then forget I’ll ever come back to you. Meet hears someone laughing. A mysterious lady walks towards her clapping and laughing at her. Listen carefully, Manmeet says to Shagun, you know I love you very much. Shagun asks why you want to bring her home if you hate her so much. Manmeet says you know how important it is to fulfil Jasodha’s oath, so he apologizes to her and we will marry. Sarkar knocks on Shagun’s door and asks her to leave.

Sarkar says to Manmeet that we cannot trust Meet. If she leaves the village, how will we avenge ourselves?

This is the first time I’ve seen someone threaten God, you’re questioning God’s existence, the lady says. God only guides us, but we make the decision, on which path to choose. You are wrongly accusing God, so you need to fight back with the person who made you cry. She says the problem is with humans, not God. As it storms, the woman vanishes, and Sindoor falls on Meet’s head as a result of the wind.

As everyone in Sarkar’s palace is enjoying, Mahendra asks Manmeet to fire his gun. Jasodha tells Sarkar not to worry, Meet will return. Manmeet says we will beg her for the document. Taking a deep breath, Meet prays to God that God will teach Manmeet a lesson.


We will celebrate today because Manmeet and Shagun are getting married. Few men walk inside with Doli.

Jasodha asks whose doli this is.

Meet inside doli says you’ll all welcome me.

Now that you want to make me your wife for one day, let me show you how risky it is.

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