Meet 20th February 2023 Written Update


There is everyone in the hall. Meet standing with documents in her hands thinks about Meet Ahlawat’s dream to make a factory. Meet says to herself today I will fight for my freedom and girls like Chanda will gain strength to dream, and she exits Sarkar’s palace.

Chanda shows Meet the papers and says we will build a medicine factory in Sarkarpur. They hug each other, and do a pooja to celebrate. In the thali, Meet sees Manmeet’s name tattooed on her hand. In the future, there will only be one relationship between me and Manmeet, and that is hatred.

Suddenly, Manmeet asks Meet if she wants lassi. When she turns around, she sees everyone laughing behind her. Manmeet asks Dhanraj and Mahendra if they are drunk. They say no. Chanda asks Meet to run away. In his words, he tells Meet to listen to her and run away, but tell her these documents are fake before you do.

As Meeting checks the documents, Manmeet makes fun of her and says you forgot one thing, and humiliates her on her full proof plan. Manmeet explains how he traps her with his plan. Manmeet says to Meet you thought you could trick Sarkar, he tells everyone how she disguised herself as Shagun, and he asks me to meet up upstairs and sign the document.

Manmeet says a poem to humiliate her. Manmeet says to Meet that if she attempts to return to Sarkarpur or to my house, I will ruin her life. Sarkar tells Meet you came to Sarkarpur and started all the nonsense, but now my son has ended your story. He asks everyone to enter. After closing the door on her face, Manmeet glances at her and enters the house.

She is devastated outside. Chanda walks up to her and says run away. Meet says running away is the easy option, but staying is difficult, and how will I run away from the fact that I won’t be able to fulfill my husband’s dream? Chanda says you shouldn’t act in anger and don’t think of returning inside, they won’t spare you.

Jasodha says it’s time to bring Shagun home. He hugs her and tells her today is the day of my win and her loss. Meet kicks the door open and everyone is shocked to see her. She walks in and says you thought I’d accept defeat so soon, and she says to all the people around her that she won’t leave until I get the paperwork.

It is my house, not your late husband’s, Manmeet tells Meet. I think you forgot legally that I’m still your wife, and if you try to force me out or misbehave with you, you may end up in jail, so I requested a place at the police station to be kept empty for you.

Meet says I’ll throw you out, so he picks her up and takes her out. Meet says I have a plan for both of us, you need to marry Shagun and I’d like the papers, so please give them to me. I will give you a divorce so that you can marry Shagun. You disrespected my father, so I promised him not to fulfill your dream. Meet says I promised my late husband to fulfill his dream, so I will build a factory in Sarkarpur. Manmeet put her down.

As Meet walks to Gunwanti, he says that if you don’t want your sister left alone and without a husband, then you should find her another husband, since now he won’t be able to marry anyone else. The two begin walking inside. Mahendra shouts at Meet and says I’ll throw you out. He walks toward Meet, puts her leg in between, and Mahendra falls down. Meet mocks Mahendra and says don’t repeat it. Manmeet helps Mahendra get up. He humiliates Mahendra and leaves.

Then Chanda tells Meet, I know you are brave, but I do not want anything bad to happen to you. Meet says Manmeet cannot do anything because he loves Shagun, but I’m sure he will do something to me. In a room with Sarkar, Mahendra, Manmeet, and Jasodha. Sarkar scolds Jasodha and says your son has been waiting for Shagun his entire life just because of you and Meet walks in humiliating everyone, but you did nothing, it’s your responsibility too towards this family, tie your hair and get back to work and ask

if you are unable to leave this home, let me know and I will bring someone else like my son. Jasodha tells Sarkar I’ll make her life hell, she will beg me to end it. As Sapna, Gunwanti, and Imarti are doing chores in the kitchen, Jasodha walks up to them and throws clothes in the fire. Meet walks up to Jasodha and asks why she is burning my clothes.

Sarkar’s palace is where everything happens, according to Jasodha, and Sarkar didn’t give you permission to live here. As Meet throws all her clothes in the fire, she says two suitcases are left full of clothes. You can burn them as well, but I won’t leave this house until I finish my work.

From today onwards no one will serve her food, Jasodha says to Meet, I’ll see how long she can hold out.


Manmeet tells Meet that we’ve both got married and today we’re celebrating our first night. Imarti walks up to Meet, saying, “Come, I’ll help you get ready.” Manmeet shows Imarti lingerie and says it would be perfect for her since she’s a city girl.

Meet has time to run away, otherwise we will celebrate our first night together.

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