Meet 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet Suspects Pankhuri’s Actions


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Sumeet expresses her confusion to Shlok about the situation where one person is hurting another person. Shlok advises her to support the right one and stop the one doing wrong. He urges Sumeet to reveal the responsible party, and she tells it to be Pankhuri. Upon returning home, they witness Pankhuri feeding fruits to Priyanka and expressing her love for Mayra even while living abroad. Pankhuri worries about what society will think of her staying alone with Raj, but Priyanka reassures her that just like she is a sister to Mayra, she also sees Raj as a brother.

As Pankhuri hears this, she drops her plate. Shlok immediately stops her and questions her about hurting Priyanka twice, once with dumbbells and another time by cutting an iron wire. He mentions that they have evidence to prove it, displaying the pieces of nail extensions they found. Despite the insistence of their family members, Pankhuri continues to deny any involvement. Anju forcefully examines her hand but notices that the nail art is different from what was described. Poonam and Anju scold Shlok and Sumeet for falsely accusing Pankhuri. However, Pankhuri remembers overhearing a conversation between Sumeet and the salon staff, which prompted her to change her nail art design.

Pankhuri accuses Sumeet of acting and blames him for falsely accusing her. Shlok, feeling guilty, asks Sumeet to apologize. Poonam suggests that they may have misunderstood the situation and urges them to forget about it. Pankhuri then exaggerates her emotions and claims Sumeet wants to take her away from their home. She declares she no longer wants to stay with them and passes Mayra to Poonam. Instructing them to look after Mayra, she leaves the house alone. Concerned, Sumeet asks Shlok to follow her, but Pankhuri evades him and calls a doctor to discuss their following action.

The doctor contacts Raj to express concern about Pankhuri’s well-being, as she sees her in a delicate state in public. Despite Pankhuri’s repeated denial of wrongdoing, Sumeet has accused her of harming their sister, Priyanka. This infuriates Raj, who sternly reprimands Sumeet and vows not to forgive her if anything happens to Pankhuri. His reaction affects Sumeet profoundly and makes him question what is causing this tension between Raj and Pankhuri. Meanwhile, Raj searches for Pankhuri, and she deliberately steps in front of his car, seemingly sad and uninterested in living.

Raj informs Pankhuri that she can stay with him at his house. Upon arriving, she pretends to faint, and Raj carries her in his arms. She assumes that she will not have to leave once she reaches his humble abode. Poonam updates Shlok and Sumeet about Pankhuri’s whereabouts at Raj’s house. They decide to pay a visit and bring her back. At the house, Raj kindly offers soup to Pankhuri, but playfully teases ensue from her end. Suspecting ulterior motives, Sumeet wonders if Pankhuri had planned everything and set out to uncover the truth. In the meantime, both Sumeet and Shlok apologize for their intrusion,, but Raj firmly believes that Pankhuri cannot go home in her current state.

Sumeet ends the episode by saying she will stay there for a few more days to take care of Pankhuri.

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