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Anupama 23rd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The robber inquires Anupama if she needs a budget-friendly hotel. He reassures her that the cost is minimal. Upon hearing this, Anupama admits to having limited funds. Ready to leave, the robber confirms with Anupama about the affordable lodging option. She agrees and follows him as he leads her down a narrow lane. As they walk, Anupama questions why he isn’t taking the main road. The robber explains that it’s a shortcut and requests her to hand over her luggage. She obliges, and he takes her to a secluded area where his accomplices await him.

The robbers demand money from Anupama, but she insists she has none. In a panic, she strikes them with her bag. However, they manage to flee with both her handbag and luggage. As they escape, Anupama screams for the police and weeps over losing her passport and money. With the onset of an icy storm, Anupama attempts to access the trolley they couldn’t take, but it remains stubbornly locked. As snow begins to fall, she sits off to the side in despair. Reflecting on how Kanha ji had warned her twice against coming here, she bitterly regrets not heeding his advice.

At Vanraj’s residence, Dimpy presents Prasad to the Panditjis conducting the havan and settles down next to Kavya. Vanraj declares that for this yagya, he is letting go of all past relationships and focusing on his desire to provide for Samar’s son. Kavya reflects on the rights she acquired as a wife but feels she has missed out on maternal love. Dimpy believes that a mother would go to great lengths for her child and feels grateful that her son will receive a family and upbringing in this household. Baa prays for Vanraj’s prosperity while Babu ji feels trapped in the luxurious surroundings. He hopes for Anupama’s successful new beginning in America.

Anupama remains seated in the same spot when a man approaches and attempts to snatch her gold chain. Startled, she shouts and flees from the scene. After regaining her composure, she returns and seeks assistance. Exhausted, she eventually dozes off while sitting outside the shop. The following morning, Anuj arrives on his bike and grabs a canned drink. As he answers a phone call, he asserts his five years of successful business in the area with his own rules. He then notices an elderly woman and lends a helping hand, earning her blessings. Suddenly, a leaf falls onto his face, which he promptly tosses away, inadvertently waking Anupama from her slumber.

Anupama wakes up. She collides with an American woman, and her handbag falls. The lady asks what you are doing. Anupama picks up the lady’s handbag and gives it to her. The lady goes in. Anupama tries to enter a restaurant, but the lady guard stops her. She says she wants to meet the owner and search for a job. As everyone says, the lady guard asks her to leave.

As Anupama tells the lady guard that her passport has been stolen, she asks her to leave. The lady guard doesn’t listen and asks her to leave. She asks her to give her some water. The lady guard asks for money and asks her to leave. Anupama says providing water is a good deed. When Anupama turns to leave, she sees police standing around. Devika told her always to carry her passport and visa.


When the Police see Anupama, they ask for her ID. Anupama explains that it has been stolen. The Police ask Anupama to come to the station. Anupama is shocked.

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