Anupama written update 26 Feb, 2023

Anupama written update

Written update of episode 844 of Season 1

Anuj is upset because his mobile is switched off. Maaya is worried and tries to distract him and asks him to tend to his wounds first. Anuj Is unable to charge his mobile as the charger is not working.

Maaya remembers the close moments she spent with Anuj. Anuj and Anupama are thinking of each other.

At the Shah house, Baa is calling out to Anupama for the prasad. Bapuji comes with the prasad. He informs Baa that Anupama has gone back to her house. When she asks why she has returned Bapuji tells her that we have no right to stop her anymore after the way we behaved with her. Bapuji says that it is Anupama’s decision if she wants to come and visit and stay. Baa tries telling Bapuji that Vanraj and Anupama were sitting together and talking. Bapuji cuts short the conversation and warns her not to bring up that topic again.

Anuj loves Maaya?

Anuj, Maaya and Little Anu are on their way back home. Maaya is happy remembering all the nice moments she spent with Anuj these last days. Maaya thanks Anuj for everything. She holds his hand and keeps her head on his shoulder. Both say I love you to each other. Little Anu calls out to Maaya and and she realizes that it was all a dream.

Anuj remembers Maaya kissing him and also remembers her request not to let Anupama know what happened between them. Anuj is upset because he has not been able to speak to Anupama nor reply to her messages because his phone is not charged.

Anupama is back home at the Kapadia house and feels happy that she is finally back at her own home. She prays. She thinks aloud that she is missing Anuj so much and they too must be missing her. She is planning to arrange a grand welcome for them. She tries calling them again so that she can hear their voice. Anuj is searching for the earphone to speak but Maaya switches on the Bluetooth and puts them on speaker. He tells Anupama to speak to Little Anu because he is in speaker mode. Maaya tells her how happy Little Anu was with her friends and how she was jumping on the trampoline.

Anupama is super excited and starts preparations.

Maaya requests to stop at a restroom and Little Anu says she wants to eat. Maaya suggests they go to a good restaurant so that Little Anu can eat her choice of food. Anuj refuses saying that they are in a hurry to reach home because Anupama is waiting for them so they will stop at a Dhaba on the way.

Vanraj is in bed thinking of Anupama. Kavya walks in remembering the conversation she overheard between Vanraj and Anupama. She remembers Vanraj telling Anupama that he does not feel any kind of togetherness with Kavya as he feels with her. She was standing behind the door crying.

Kavya picks up a folder and is walking out of the room. When Vanraj asks Kavya what she is doing she says she does not have to tell him anything because she knows everything now. He does not understand what she is saying. She says she has to take care of Paritosh as Kinjal has gone to work. He says Anupama is there to take care of him. She replies saying that he would be very unhappy to hear that Anupama has gone back to her home early morning. Kavya walks out. Vanraj thinks that Anuj has not yet returned so what was the reason Anupama returned? Was it because of last night’s conversation? Vanraj suddenly remembers that last night he felt someone was in the kitchen and he wonders if it was Kavya.

Anupama keeps all the dolls on Little Anu’s bed and dances and prepares Little Anu’s room. She gets a little emotional as she is missing Little Anu and Anuj. She plans to spend the entire day with Anuj and Little Anu when they return.


Anirudh comes home to meet Kavya. Kavya is very excited to meet him and sits on the sofa with him. Vanraj is upset and asks her how she can call her ex-husband home and spend time with him. Kavya replies that when Vanraj can call his ex-wife then why can’t she call her ex-husband?

Maaya is trying to convince Anuj not to tell Anupama anything about what happened at the picnic as she will not understand. Anupama walks up to them and asks what is it that she will not understand.

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