Anupama 8th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Anuj and Anupama’s Emotional Reunion Unfolds

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As Anupama exits the restaurant with her luggage trolley, memories flood her mind. She recalls the comfort of being inside, sipping tea, and Yashpal urging her to leave. It felt like a protective glass wall separated her from the harsh reality outside. But now, she feels vulnerable and on edge. The tears start to well up as she is overcome with emotions. Luckily, a kind lady guard appears and offers her a water bottle. Anupama hesitantly asks her to leave before Sir sees them together. Just then, Vikram shows up with money and his phone, promising to call her later. Glancing back at Yashpal through the window, Anupama apologizes and quickly rushes off.

Anuj informs Shruti of a significant event and asks what will happen if anything occurs to his daughter. Aadhya, in her sleep, utters for her mother to go away. Anuj inquires about the incident, while Shruti explains that when Joshi ben coerced Aadhya into dancing, she suffered from a panic attack. She further questions about something that happened five years ago. Anuj clarifies that five years ago, Aadhya had been in an accident that left a lasting impact on her mental health. He confesses that he had hoped moving away from the city would help her recover, but unfortunately, that was not the case. Her panic attacks are a direct result of the traumatic incident. Shruti then probes into the details of what occurred between Choti Anu, Anupama, and Anuj – what caused him to leave behind a 26-year-old love?

All the things flash in front of Anuj’s eyes as he recalls. Shruti asks who Anupama is and where she is. He leaves the house. Anupama is walking on the road. Anuj is walking on the road. He bends down, picks up the bouquet and gifts, and gives them to a girl. A song plays.

Vanraj asks how he dares and how they let him come into the house and meet Ishani. Pakhi says they even supported them. Baa comes there and says that even though she was there, she says that Pakhi is not a victim, but Adhik is the victim, and she has tortured him. He slapped me, Pakhi says. Kavya says you defended him when we told you to leave him. Dimpy asks if Adhik wouldn’t let Ishani meet you.

She says she doesn’t want to stay here if you think I’m a villain, and I used to leave alone in Delhi, at least nobody taunted me there. She says she doesn’t want to stay here. We do not want you here, and we do not want you to view us as servants. Baa asks her to, at the very least, be a good mother, and he says you don’t even make 25 paise in your business, so why are you showing attitude? Since Anupama left, everything has been ruined, she says.

Vanraj raises his voice, insisting that Anupama Devi has departed for America, forbidding anyone from mentioning her name. He instructs Pakhi to leave calmly and strictly prohibits Ishani from meeting Adhik. Expressing his desire for tranquility after a long day at the office, he assigns Dimpy the task of tending to Ishani and putting her to bed. As Pakhi seeks solace outdoors, Baa comments on her self-destructive tendencies.

On the bench, Anupama suddenly comes in front of him. Anuj looks at her. Kavya talks to Mahi and tells her to take her medicine and eat food on time. She says she will come and meet her next week and tells her Mamma loves her. As Vanraj says there is a party in my office, he advises her to hide her inauspiciousness under her. She says you want a trophy wife. He asks her to keep a smile on her face.

Kavya reminds herself that she is only a trophy wife. Vanraj, who never wanted the responsibilities of marriage, viewed Anupama as nothing more than a servant and Kavya as his trophy. Sheb chimes in, stating that neither Anupama nor Kavya received their rights as wives before telling her to smile. However, Kavya breaks down in tears. Anuj stands up and embraces Anupama, expressing his uneasiness over the past few days. He admits that he has never felt this way in five years. Anupama responds by saying that fate brought her to Choti and him. In response, Anuj reveals that he searched for her everywhere, even going to her mother’s house, but couldn’t find her because she had turned off her phone. He reminds her about his request for her to prioritize Choti and him, which she ultimately ignored when she left him behind.

Anupama describes it as a death for me. She believes I have realized that my relationships were merely baggage for you, which weighed down our connection. I could not bear to see you troubled, so I decided to leave, hoping to see you happy. Anuj acknowledges this and asks who convinced you that I would be happy without you? He declares that he has transformed himself significantly and is now sought after by many girls for dates. He expresses his contentment over our breakup, revealing that he moved here four years ago to establish a talent management company.

He says it is the best company in the world and says I will marry a girl, Shruti, who is well-educated and loves us very much. He says she is busy, but she gives us much time. He says you gave me happiness, and now I want to provide you with double happiness. Anuj asks Anupama if she will attend his wedding. Anupama says she will come for happiness. Anuj breaks down and says he is unhappy without her.


Yashpal’s mother finds Anupama on the road and tells him she will also leave and go to Gurudwara if he does not take her inside.

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