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Agnisakshi 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Satvik confronting Jeevika, questioning her about the lies that caused them all distress. He expresses how her deceit almost devastated him. Jeevika defends herself, explaining that she didn’t choose to conceal the truth willingly but was compelled by circumstances. Meanwhile, Lata converses with someone over the phone, discussing her daughter-in-law’s amnesia and the whereabouts of the other daughter-in-law. She instructs Juhi to fetch cooled water for Utkarsh and continues her phone conversation.

In the kitchen, Juhi maliciously pours hot water and smirks. Jeevika, feeling cornered, explains her actions, admitting she was left with no choice. Satvik, seeking clarity, urges her to confide in him. With reassurance from Satvik, Jeevika promises to eventually reveal the reasons behind her actions, emphasizing her commitment to the family’s well-being. Satvik, understanding her predicament, embraces her and vows to stand by her side, determined to protect her from harm.

He instructs Juhi to bring a glass of hot water. In a sudden turn of events, Utkarsh accidentally knocks over the glass, spilling it onto Juhi’s dress. Juhi cries out in pain. Just then, Shlok enters the scene along with Lata. Juhi explains that Mausi instructed her to bring water for him. Lata reprimands Juhi, reminding her that she specifically asked for cool water. Shlok, furious, demands to know how Juhi could give him hot water. Without further delay, they rush to attend to Utkarsh.

Jeevika enters the kitchen, taking a sip of water. Utkarsh joins her, expressing concern for her well-being. She reassures him that she’s alright. Memories of the accident flood back as she recalls waking up in the room. Utkarsh, approaching her, asks if she’s okay and questions if he is pretending to be ill and suffering from amnesia. Gesturing for her to sit down, he assures her that he’ll explain everything. He confesses that although he wishes he could provide all the answers immediately, it will have to wait a little longer. Additionally, he reveals that his memory has returned and expresses gratitude for everyone’s care. With appreciation, he says, “Thank you.”

Jeevika inquires about the well-being of everyone at home, expressing concern that they must be worried about her. Utkarsh reveals that Jeevika didn’t fall from the mountain alone, but someone pushed her. Several days later, Satvik shares that while everyone has lost hope of Jeevika’s return, he still holds hope. Satvik suggests that Jeevika should return home, pretending to have no memory of the incident, to uncover the truth and catch the culprit responsible for her accident. The flashback concludes.

Utkarsh questions Jeevika if she knows who orchestrated her ordeal and queries the motive behind the charade. Meanwhile, Satvik awakens to discover Jeevika’s absence, puzzled by her actions. Utkarsh assures Satvik that he won’t believe it until he directly hears the culprit’s name. He warns Satvik that seeing the perpetrator face-to-face will be shocking and redefine their relationship. Jeevika reassures Satvik that he can confide in her whenever he’s ready to make

Utkarsh indicates that Jeevika must navigate the journey independently. Jeevika agrees, asserting her ability to handle it solo, and requests Utkarsh to inform everyone that she’s safe and recognizes everyone. Utkarsh expresses his inability to disclose information despite his intentions, emphasizing the ominous presence looming over the house. As Satvik calls for Jeevika, Utkarsh decides to leave, excusing himself from the conversation.

When Satvik inquires about the person Jeevika is conversing with, she replies that she is speaking to herself, as he doesn’t communicate with her. She suggests they go to bed. Later, Satvik ties Jeevika’s hand to his own in their room. Perplexed, Jeevika questions the purpose of the game. Satvik explains that it’s to prevent her from leaving. He then reveals, “I want to tell you something,” prompting Jeevika to confess that she didn’t fall from the mountain by accident; instead, someone pushed her.

When Satvik asks about the culprit who pushed her, Jeevika explains that she couldn’t identify their face but noticed a distinctive bracelet on their hand. She pledges to alert Satvik if she ever encounters that bracelet again, emphasizing her commitment not to take matters into her own hands. Assuring her of their unity in facing challenges, Satvik bids her good night and prepares for sleep. Meanwhile, Jeevika grapples with a dilemma between honoring Satvik’s pursuit of truth and her mother’s pledge to conceal it, realizing the potential consequences for their relationship.


A girl attempts to cozy up to Satvik, but Jeevika intervenes, asserting her marital status. She firmly reminds Satvik that she is his wife and he is her husband, affirming her commitment to protecting their relationship. Jeevika vows not to tolerate anyone attempting to engage romantically with her husband.

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