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Agnisakshi 1st September 2023 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, Jeevika brings medicine for Utkarsh and makes him drink it. Utkarsh is pleased and looks at the Rakhis on his hand. She thanks him for pushing me out of the pot. Utkarsh smiles. Jeevika asks him to take care of him and leaves. She enters Juhi’s room and asks why she threw the plant pot. Juhi says I was watering the plant, it wasn’t my fault, I did not do it intentionally.

The Jeevika says he is your own Jija ji and asks if you didn’t notice that he was hurting. The Juhi says he’s my jiju and asks why you are interfering. As Jeevika states, I have handled relations and valued and cared for all relations from an early age. Juhi says you’re lecturing me about hiding a big secret from the family that she can’t be a mother. Jeevika is shocked.

Narayan asks Lata what are you thinking? She says nothing, if I tell you you’ll scold me? Narayan asks her to speak out. Lata says we should not blindly trust anyone, and she doubts Juhi and Rajnandini. Narayan tells Lata to think ten times before saying anything wrong about Rajnandini. While sleeping, Utkarsh hears them.

Jeevika questions how Juhi was aware of the situation. Juhi reveals that she is privy to more information about Jeevika. She adds that she has never encountered someone as deceitful as Jeevika, who speaks of family values but hides the truth from others. Juhi accuses Jeevika of being self-centered and compares her presence in the house to a termite, clinging onto it for worldly gains. She asserts that Jeevika will not leave until she has drained the house’s resources. Furthermore, Juhi threatens to break Jeevika’s connection with the house if it is solely based on her marriage and not genuine emotion.

Jeevika asks her to leave her mangalsutra. Juhi says I’ll break it. Jeevika slaps her, says move your hand from the mangalsutra, and tells her she will get many slaps if she doesn’t. In addition, she says, if you don’t leave your mangalsutra, I will forget whose sister you are. Juhi leaves her mangalsutra. Jeevika tells her not to touch it, and she goes out and remembers Sukanya’s promise.

Upon reaching the temple, she expresses her willingness to leave Satvik for his happiness and reveal her truth but is bound by a promise made to her Aai. She laments that her Aai fails to understand that the truth cannot remain concealed forever, even if one chooses not to see it. Today, Juhi’s inquiries have placed her on a daunting path without an answer. With tears in her eyes, she turns to Bappa and implores for guidance – should she honor her Aai’s promise or reveal the truth to Satvik and his family? She prays to God for clarity and sheds tears of frustration.

In the middle of the night, Satvik awakens and searches for Jeevika. As he opens the door, she suddenly falls into his arms. With genuine concern, he inquires about her whereabouts. However, he notices that her stomach is bleeding, as if she has been stabbed. Just as he begins to panic, he realizes it is all just a nightmare. He leaves his room to find Jeevika.

Meanwhile, she receives a message from an unknown number claiming information on what happened with Utkarsh. The sender demands that Jeevika meet them alone tomorrow if she wants to know more. Confused and curious, Jeevika returns to her room. Soon after, Satvik appears and asks where she is, expressing his fear from the bad dream he had last night. He admits that losing her frightens him.

Jeevika gets a message again. Satvik asks what happened. Jeevika shows him the message. Satvik says you won’t go and meet anyone and that you made a mistake during your kidnapping as well. Pramod calls him and asks him to inquire about that number. Jeevika says maybe he is telling the truth. Satvik says you won’t be going anywhere alone for a few days. Jeevika nods her head and wonders why this message is telling the truth.

As happiness returns to the house after many years, Narayan says we will all go to the temple. Juhi says I need to go to the parlor. Lata asks who invited you. Rajnandini thinks we should go together and thank God. Satvik asks if we should go today. Narayan asks what the problem is. Jeevika says Satvik wants to know which temple. Narayan says he did manage to visit the Kuldevi temple. Satvik thinks he will come.

During their conversation, Satvik tells Jeevika they’ll stay at home and not leave. Jeevika asks if he’s scared of the dream and tells him not to be afraid. Satvik says you’ll be in front of him. Jeevika says she’ll never leave him. Shlok messages Swara and says he’ll look for the girl every day. In her college, Swara says, there are more than 500 girls.

Jeevika comes to Juhi and asks her to apologize for the slapping. She asks her to fold her hands and apologize. Jeevika refuses. Juhi says if you don’t be sorry to me, I will tell Satvik and Narayan uncle the truth. Jeevika tells her to go and tell everyone, saying I have slapped you for saving my mangalsutra. She says a woman can do anything to save her mangalsutra.


As Jeevika leaves the house, she feels the universe is stopping her. She shouts Satvik. Jeevika’s family arrives. Lata asks Narayan if they should tell their daughter she will never come. Satvik asks Jeevika to return.

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