Agnisakshi 2nd October 2023 Written Episode: Narayan Stands Up for Jeevika


Agnisakshi 2nd October 2023 Written Episode Update on

It turns out that they think Jeevika is a bad daughter-in-law who came to ruin the family because she didn’t lose her memory, as Narayan asks Satvik what’s going on in the house. Jeevika’s report is shown to Narayanan, who asks if she cannot have children. Latha thinks Jeevika hides things for money and even changes Satvik. This causes Narayan to feel dizzy.

Sundari wants to take the blame for Rajnandini’s mistake. Satvik claims Jeevika had an accident because of him. Jeevika denies it and takes the blame herself. Narayanan tells them to stop and wishes for an heir. He believes Jeevika was an excellent daughter-in-law who took care of the family.

Jeevika asks Narayanan not to apologize like that. Sundari says Rajnandini’s plan failed. Narayanan apologizes to the family that ruined Satvik’s life. Latha asks why Narayanan apologizes to them. Narayanan says Savithri would do the same and regrets the way they treated Jeevika. She says you can be modern, but I won’t forgive lies. You can accept her, but I won’t.

Narayan says Jeevika may not give them an heir, but she is still his daughter. Satvik is proud of his father for supporting Jeevika. Rajnandini breaks things in anger, thinking her plan failed. When Suganya confronts her, Rajnandini lies to her about hiding the truth so that she can manage the situation. She sees through her lies and tells her to leave. Suganya believes Rajnandini will punish her deeds.

While lost in deep contemplation, Jeevika is approached by Satvik, who notices her tears and encourages her to conceal the truth no longer. He reassures her they will lead a joyful life and start a family together. Curious, Jeevika asks how this is possible, and Satvik reveals his plan of having children through biological means and adoption, resulting in a happy family dynamic. Grateful for Satvik’s timely return, Jeevika expresses her gratitude and inquires about how he arrived just in time. Satvik then shares how Juhi’s timely call played a crucial role.

Narayanan forgives Prateep. He believes Jeevika is a good girl. Suganya apologizes to him, and he assures her he can care for her. Prateep tells Jeevika not to worry and assures her she is married into a good family. Suganya asks for forgiveness. Jeevika hugs her and tells her to smile, believing their problems are over. Suganya warns Rajnandini is dangerous and that this is just the beginning.


Then Rajnandini says to Jeevika that she must be misunderstood. Jeevika says enough lies now, I will throw you out in the next 7 days.

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