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A puja arrangement in the temple is made by Pallavi, Sukanya, and Swara. Pradeep brings a coconut. Manohar asks why your behavior with Satvik is not good. Pradeep sees Satvik with Jeevika and says nothing. As I know you well, Manohar says you won’t insult your sister’s husband. Pradeep says he worries about my sister; our Jeevi knows nothing about this world. He says everything will be fine. Together, Satvik and Jeevika pour milk on the shivling.

Satvik apologizes to Jeevika and acknowledges that Pradeep Dada was right. He admits to betraying her and their family, and understands that he deserves punishment. They step aside to talk. Jeevika reassures Satvik that he did not betray her or their family, but acted according to what was necessary in the situation. She assures him that she trusts him, regardless of anyone else’s opinion. Jeevika reminds Satvik that he had been honest with her from the beginning and their marriage had been consented by both of them. Despite any separation between them, Satvik declares that he will always cherish the moments they spent together. Jeevika questions why they should separate if it is difficult for them, suggesting that they give their relationship another chance.

After looking at Supriya, Satvik departs. Jeevika returns to find him gone. He asks Supriya how she is, and Supriya replies, “I’m fine.” Satvik says I’m not fine and says you didn’t ask, that’s why I asked. He says if I had known that you would come here, I would have made this temple my home. Supriya says I don’t have anything to say. Satvik says I’d like to share so much with you.

We will not talk to each other, Suriya says. Satvik asks what has changed, I still love you and will always love you. Maayi asks Jeevika if she has found her Krishna? Jeevika replies that she did, but she could not be his anyone. Maayi asks why he came here with you, and she responds that it is love. She says that your agnipariksha begins now. After marrying a girl, Supriya asks how you can talk like this. Satvik says that my marriage is not a marriage, but an agreement and compromise.

It is a good thing we separated at the right time, Sukanya says, otherwise I would have been crying instead of that unlucky girl. Pradeep says that he will bring them. Sukanya and Manohar are performing the puja. Pandit ji says it is completed. Satvik goes behind Supriya and asks her to listen to what has happened. Jeevika sees Pradeep and says Satvik is with me and we will come. Pradeep says whatever I have done is for my sister and goes inside. Jeevika believes that she has done for her family.

Satvik confesses his love for Sona, while Jeevika silently observes. Supriya interrupts, reminding them of their past and makes it clear that she will not acknowledge them even if they accidentally meet. She leaves and Satvik is left in tears. Jeevika offers him comfort and reminds him of their promises to be together for eternity, despite not completing the traditional seven rounds around the fire. Satvik wonders if they are meant to be together, but Jeevika reassures him with her own vows made during their wedding ceremony.

She tells Narayan about Vohra’s deal, and says that she will handle it myself. Narayan says that he wants Satvik to lead this deal since you are already handling the Bangalore project.

Rajnandini burns the family photo. Juhi tries to stop her, opens the windows and asks what will happen if Narayan sees it. Rajnandini is mad and angry.

As Satvik tells Jeevika, he met Supriya in college and they fought. Eventually, they fell in love with each other and he told Jeevika you would not understand. Jeevika said I wouldn’t understand whose dreams had been broken. Juhi asked why you hated them so much. Rajnandini says hatred is just a small word and he declares that this family will die begging for death for what they have done to us.

Jeevika sees a breaking star and tells Satvik. They pray for each other’s happiness.


It’s Satvik’s time. Jeevika tries to call him. His phone is switched off. Dada says Aai, don’t worry. Jeevika remembers Satvik saying I love to Supriya.

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