Agnisakshi 21st August 2023 Written Episode: Jeevika and Satvik’s Unexpected First Night Surprises


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When Swara receives Shlok’s message asking her to meet him on a date, but nothing serious, she gets upset and thinks he’s flirting on chat, so she replies that she can’t meet him. Shlok says I have ordered you, and messages her that he will come to her college and have tea in the tea stall if she can’t come. Rajnandini approaches Narayan and says she wants to speak with him.

Narayan recounts a busy day, mentioning the possibility of Udkarsh being missed. Rajnandini attempts to present Jeevika’s medical report to Narayan, who continues to focus on Udkarsh. Satvik arrives and inquires about the contents of the file. Jeevika nervously nibbles on her fingers, reflecting on their second marriage and Guru Ji’s words. Manas interrupts, acknowledging that he is unaware of the reasons behind their initial separation but noting that Satvik was deeply affected by their divorce and now seems content after their remarriage. Jeevika responds with a hesitant “but.”

Manas urges her not to complicate things and asserts that she will not be separated from Satvik, which is final. Jeevika nods in agreement. Rajnandini dismisses it, claiming it’s nothing special. However, she believes this file could potentially ruin Jeevika’s life. Despite this, she is still madly in love with her and thinks she will reveal the truth at the right time. Narayan asks what she wants to show them. Rajnandini states that her purpose for coming was to apologize to him for her behavior towards Guru ji. Narayan advises her to rest and leaves the room.

Juhi inquires about Jeevika’s exposure and praises Rajnandini for not informing Satvik. As Satvik calls Rajnandini, she tells him that the buttermilk is ready and he can read the file. Upon seeing Jeevika’s name on the file, Satvik gives it to her. Juhi predicts that Jeevika will learn the truth once she receives the file from Satvik. However, Rajnandini remains confident that one failed scheme does not mean all her plans will backfire and asserts her determination to stay ten steps ahead.

Jeevika knocks on the door and calls Shlok and Aadhya to open it. Satvik appears and inquires about the delay, questioning who prevented them from entering their room. Jeevika repeated her request, prompting Satvik to explain that Bhabhi wanted to give them their medical file. Upon opening the door, Shlok and Aadhya are greeted with a surprising sight – a beautifully decorated room. Amused, Aadhya notes that since they have remarried, they also deserve a first night. However, Jeevika interjects, insisting that it is not necessary. Shlok assures them they will not be disturbed and places a “Do Not Disturb” sign outside the door before gently pushing Jeevika into Satvik as they exit.

Satvik says this is technically our first night. Jeevika says we were together for many nights. Satvik says this is my first night, and holds her closer. When Jeevika asks what he’s doing, he says romance and Guru Ji asks us to be together. Satvik keeps her medical report and goes to Jeevika. She smiles and goes to the washroom. Satvik admits she smiled and falls onto the bed happily.

In the morning, Jeevika discovers Satvik’s letter and learns he is determined not to waste their second chance. He promises to avoid the mistakes of their first marriage and make their reunion unforgettable. As she turns the page, Jeevika asks what? Satvik replies that her eyes have already communicated it all. He lovingly kisses her forehead and declares his love for her before embracing and leaving. The song Apna Banale Piya plays in the background as Jeevika smiles.

Jeevika inquires about Rajnandini’s well-being and is concerned when Rajnandini mentions having a headache. She questions why Rajnandini allowed Satvik to make poor decisions if she wants him to improve and asks why she didn’t intervene sooner. Rajnandini suggests that Jeevika could have taken action after Guru ji left. She then proposes that Jeevika reveal her divorce to everyone and leave the house. However, Jeevika declines.

Having hurt Satvik’s heart before, she says she will not hurt him again. She says Guru ji told her she was needed in Satvik’s life and this house. Rajnandini asks when your need is over. She says she will try to keep away from him, and that she has left everything up to God and won’t listen to anyone about her heart.


In the garden area, Satvik plays guitar and sings songs. Jeevika joins them. They dance happily together.

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