Pandya Store 8th October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha Unveils Shocking Secrets!

Pandya Store

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The Episode commences with Hetal expressing her concern to Dolly, reminding her that Amrish disapproves of their actions. Despite this warning, Dolly remains adamant. Chabeli joins in, warning them that Amrish will not let them off quickly. Amba then chimes in, revealing that she orchestrated the situation because she wants Natasha to be reprimanded. She knows that Natasha enjoys dancing and hopes this will lead to them dancing along. However, Natasha is yet to arrive. Hetal continues to plead with them, begging them to understand why they should not proceed with their plans. Dolly counters by saying they must celebrate the moment when a woman saved the men from trouble. Natasha had encouraged them to do something new in hopes of changing Amrish’s views on women’s empowerment.

Hetal smiles happily, while Amba’s expression quickly turns to anger. Soon after, Pranali arrives, and Amba asks Dolly to turn up the volume and play Natasha’s favorite song. Just then, Natasha comes home and rushes to her room upstairs, with Dhawal closely following behind her. Unnoticed by the family, Dolly says she will call Natasha once she finishes playing her favorite music and starts dancing to “Desi Girl.” Hetal looks concerned, but Dolly insists that she join the fun. The rest of the family, Amrish, Chirag, and Bhaven arrive home. Hetal and Pranali stop dancing as Dolly exclaims that she knows they will all enjoy it and suggests having regular parties from now on. Chirag questions who permitted her, but Dolly brushes off asking for permission, saying it wasn’t necessary since they had all saved each other’s lives. She explains that their celebration was for women’s empowerment, which earns Amrish’s disapproval as he scolds her for taking such an initiative without consulting him first. In the meantime, Natasha quietly packs her bag.

Dhawal asks her to listen to what Suman and Amrish will think. She shows the papers and asks what this is. As Amrish breaks things in anger, Natasha and Dhawal watch. Amba wonders when Natasha comes. Natasha picks up the items. Amrish says the speaker slipped by her hands. Natasha asks what else will slip, only that happens what Amrish wants, women are required to handle the household, everything I was told about the family was a lie, Dhawal married me for the Pandya store.

The couple is on their way. Mittu and Shesh argue about seeing Natasha’s wedding album first. Chiku watches. A record falls in the dirt. Chiku says Shesh always fights. Shesh blames Mittu for dropping it. Chiku picks it up. He cleans it up. I was mad and thought your lie was love, according to Natasha, so I am grateful you have shown me the truth, Suman raised me with love, she taught me that nothing is more important than love, so I know now that business is more important than love.

Shesh and Chiku engage in a heated argument, which results in Shesh taking the album from him. Unfortunately, the picture inside gets torn. Shesh reprimands Chiku, reminding him he has no right to touch his sister’s photo. In response, Chiku grabs his neck and declares that if he tries to claim what is rightfully his, Shesh will be left with nothing. This leads to Shesh demanding to know how dare he lay a hand on him.

Meanwhile, Mittu instructs Shesh to follow him, and Dhawal invites Natasha to talk with him elsewhere. Despite Natasha’s objection to being touched by Dhawal, Amrish interrupts and questions their actions. Amba intervenes by acknowledging Amrish’s previous efforts in saving her sons’ lives but also points out that it doesn’t give him the liberty to misbehave or ignore Amrish’s inquiries about Natasha’s hereabouts and intentions. However, to Amrish’s disappointment, Natasha leaves before any explanation can be provided, as he wants her opinion on some papers. Unaware of this, Natasha is seen carrying a model of the mall while Dhawal offers an excuse to help her understand the significance of signing certain documents.

Amrish is shown the papers, which he then tears and throws in his face. This causes shock among everyone present. Natasha accuses Amrish of proposing to her for the sake of securing Pandya store and marrying her instead. Amba reprimands Natasha for her disrespectful behavior towards Amrish. Natasha defends herself by stating that she was cheated on and questions Dhawal’s involvement in the situation, insinuating that it was at Amrish’s request. She demands to know why Pandya store has been replaced with “premium parking” and urges Dhawal or anyone else to speak up.


Chiku says I am Chiku, and your problems are mine. Natasha slaps him and says Amrish sent you. Tell him he will never get to the Pandya store because of me.

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