Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th October 2023 Written Episode: Ishan’s Apology Sparks Confusion and Reflections


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Seeing Harini apply ointment to Kiran’s wounds, Savi becomes angry and says she doesn’t have to feel bad about a man who troubled her. She says Kiran is her husband, and she has to worry about him. Harini asks her if she should stay at home and skip college today since he harmed her. Savi leaves after Harini tells her not to worry about her.

He says he is about to leave for college and asks if she spoke with Ishan and what he said. They see Savi walking in. Isha asks if Kiran returned home. Savi says she forgot a file and came to pick it up. Harini is feeling guilty and is busy serving Kiran since he returned home, worried Kiran will harm her again. Isha prays God will give Kiran conscience. Shantanu says let’s go to college together.

In the presence of candy floss and flowers, Ishan apologizes to Savi for wrongfully accusing her. Savi recalls Virat buying her candy floss. Ishan says he knows it hurts when someone wrongly accuses and character assassinates them; his mistake is unforgivable, but she should attend today’s lecture if she thinks she can forgive him. Isha and Shantanu smile at that. Ishan exits wearing his goggles.

Isha thanks Prateek for boosting Ishan’s morale. Savi recalls all the recent events. Isha says she saw their baby Ishan after many years. He wasn’t Surekha’s puppet; he was true to himself today. Shantanu asks if Savi will forgive Ishan. Isha says it’s up to her. Shantanu asks what she would do if she were in Savi’s shoes. She says she wouldn’t have forgiven Ishan.

Upon arriving at the college, Ishan begins a lecture. He feels disappointed that Savi is not sitting in her seat. The lecturer reminded Ishan that his lecture would take place shortly. Ishan leaves the class. Savi tells Isha she is angry at Ishan because he didn’t apologize. She doesn’t know whether to forgive Ishan or not. Isha says she should listen to her heart. Shantanu agrees. In the corridor, Ishan waits anxiously for Savi.

When Shukla passes by, Ishan asks if Neha madam has a lecture before his class starts. Shukla replies that Neha is on time and his lecture is next. Ishan asks how he passes the time between lectures. Shukla replies that he is swamped apart from ringing the bell. Ishan waits nervously. He sees a student nervously plucking flower petals, murmuring if his girl loves him. He approaches the student, who runs away. Ishan asks him to teach him how to do it.

A bell rings. Ishan enters the class and makes excuses to start the lecture before Savi arrives. He congratulates students who take exams honestly. He praises Savi for her brilliant answers and tells the students to take her example. Ishan congratulates Savi on getting top marks. The class claps for her. Savi feels satisfied. Ishan finishes the lecture and leaves.

Walking behind him, Savi expresses her admiration for attending his lecture. However, she reluctantly explains that she can’t stay back due to a temporary housing situation – her hostel room has been given to someone else. Ishan offers a solution, suggesting Savi seek financial assistance from Isha Madam. Savi gratefully declines, stating that she has already received enough help from Isha and doesn’t feel comfortable accepting more. Despite Ishan’s persistence, Savi remains firm in her decision. Ishan then kindly offers to ride her to Isha’s house as he is headed there himself, and his car has ample space. This takes Savi by surprise and catches the attention of Durva, who becomes envious of their interaction.


Isha prays to God to give her a life partner who understands her well. Shantanu says Savi. Isha asks. Savi entangles decorative lights around her. Ishan tries to help her.

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