Anupama 14th December 2023 Written Episode | Vanraj Insults Anupama at Pari’s Birthday Party

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Vanraj is captivated by the lively beats of “Party toh banti hai” as he twirls Pari in his arms while the rest of the crowd joins in on the dancing. Handing Pari over to Kinjal, Vanraj rushes to bring out the cake. Anupama sets her cake beside his, much to Vanraj’s dismay. Everyone’s reactions are a mix of surprise and disapproval. Baa observes that Vanraj seemed genuinely happy for once but wishes Anupama hadn’t shown up. Politely greeting Kinjal and Toshu, Anupama prompts them to offer their prayers before God. Toshu informs Vanraj’s boss that they will be cutting the cake shortly.

Anuj expresses uncertainty about whether it was the right decision to let Anupama go there, as he hopes she won’t face any humiliation. Ankush questions why he didn’t prevent her then. Anuj explains that he doesn’t want to separate her from her children. Malti Devi wishes Anupama would be insulted at the Shah house, so she would never return there. Barkha suggests that the Shahs should not allow Anupama to come back. Malti Devi declares that Vanraj will not accept Anupama as his own, and she will not allow Anupama to stay here either. Barkha adds that neither the Shahs nor the Kapadias want Anupama in their lives.

Vanraj asks Anupama why you came. Anupama says I came for my granddaughter’s birthday because my son and daughter-in-law just returned from abroad. Vanraj thinks you should have called them. He says I requested you not come here. Then Anupama replies, “So what?” You are an outsider to me, and your words have no meaning. He asks if you have any self-respect. Then Anupama says I have so much, and you can get it from me.

She claims that I can offer practical wisdom as well. She clarified that my visit to your house was not for leisure or tea but instead because of the love of my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. Vanraj argues that it was your insult that brought you here. She admits that she doesn’t hold him in high regard. Despite knowing I’ll have to face you, I still choose to come here. My Baa, Babu ji, and my family are all here—Vanraj counters by saying that nobody comes uninvited. Kinjal chimes in and says that she has personally invited her.

Vanraj asks her to ask her to leave. Anupama says she hasn’t come here to stay but to meet her son and daughter-in-law. She asks if I should leave Romil and Choti here or take them. Vanraj says Romil and Choti can stay. Anupama thanked him. She took Pari in her arms and hugged her. Vanraj insults Anupama for taking Pari.

Anupama gets teary eyes and is humiliated. She asks the family members to go back to the party. They all go back. Vanraj asks Pakhi to lift the other cake (brought by Anupama) and says we will cut it later. Everyone says happy birthday as Vanraj takes Pari and makes her cut the cake. Dimpy asks Vanraj to take care of Nishant. Dimpy says ok. Kinhal looks for Anupama’s cake.

Vanraj explains that he had given the cake to the watchman. However, Kinjal points out that it has not yet been cut. Kavya chimes in by mentioning that the cake he had given was not the one cut for the guests, as it was more expensive. Vanraj clarifies that this particular cake was meant for guests only and not for the watchman. Kinjal then adds that while Vanraj’s cake may have been pricey, her mother’s cake held sentimental value for her. Suddenly, Babu ji becomes upset. Vanraj assumes that Babu Ji is once again displeased with his actions. Just then, Baa enters with a pastry and offers it to Babu Ji, who refuses to accept it. Baa reminds him that everything Vanraj does is for the betterment of the family and asks him to be as understanding as his father. Babu Ji questions why he should be understanding when he is his father.

Babu ji says I wasn’t happy when he sent Anupama back. He says Vanraj is doing this with Anupama, who has done so much for us that even our children can’t do. He says we have always gone to their house for happy and sad moments. He says there was no fight then what happened to him, that he asked her to go. It is Vanraj’s habit to call Anupama whenever a problem arises.

Baa invites him to have cake and praises Anupama but reminds him they cannot abandon their son. She cautions that they will have to follow his decision if he reacts angrily and kicks her out. Babu ji shares his concern over Anuj seeing Anupama’s sadness upon returning home. Anupama arrives and embraces Anuj, who immediately asks if Choti and Romil are present. He offers tea and cookies to Anupama while Pakhi sends him pictures. Anuj remarks that they did not save her slice of cake, as Pakhi has already posted a photo. Anupama expressed her disappointment in his disregard for their relationship when it existed, commenting on his useless nature.

According to Pakhi, there were no fights at the party. Vanraj says if Anupama had not come, a fight would have occurred. Baa says the house is lively with Pari. Kavya arrives with her stuff. She tells Babu ji she has found the house. Babu ji asks Vanraj to stop Kavya. Kinjal asks where are you going and why? Pakhi says Kavya doesn’t want to live with Papa, so she’s leaving. Kinjal asks why, but Kavya says she enjoyed meeting them and asks them to meet her before leaving.

Babu ji asks Vanraj to stop her. Vanraj blames Anupama for giving her the idea of leaving the house and helping her get the house. Anupama fills Kavya’s ears, Dimpy’s and Kinjal’s. You feel Anupama is responsible for our problems, but it is a matter between us. She says you receive reminders every six months that Anupama is correct and you are wrong.

The legs will change directions if the legs hit the stone repeatedly, so Anupama should take a pause nap.


When playing with Anupama in the park, Choti feels jealous of Pari and Kinjal. When she tries to get to the front, Anupama says no. Choti pushes Kinjal by mistake while attempting to get to the front. The car is about to fall, Kinjal is unconscious, and Anupama finds themselves on the cliff.

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