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Anupama written update

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After the government officer successfully seals the Anupama Dance Academy, he contacts Malti Devi to inform her of his accomplishment. She responds positively before ending the call. As Anupama approaches her to collect her fees, Malti Devi intervenes. Vanraj then updates Hasmukh on the situation, explaining that the authorities closed down the academy as it lacked a proper license for commercial activities. Dimpy expresses concern over how they will refund their students’ fees since Samar’s dance workshop organizers did not pay any money to him. Toshu questions Samar about why he didn’t fight back, but Samar explains that this time, protecting his mother’s academy is their priority. Kinjal points out that Malti Devi would be hurt and humiliated by this incident. Leela suggests speaking to Anupama about it in a respectful manner, as she may have had a hand in causing its closure.

Malti Devi provides ghungroo to Anupama, who adorns them and warmly greets Malti Devi. The music of Sheela Ki Jawani plays as Malti Devi begins the performance. Anupama gracefully performs a Bharatanatyam dance to the song. This is followed by the song Piya Tose Naina Lagere.. which Malti Devi then plays. Anupama effortlessly continues her dance on this tune as well. Next, Malti Devi puts on the song Kamariya Hilade…and Anupama dances along with it. Nakul expresses his concerns to Malti Devi, noting that instead of punishing Anupama, she is humiliating her through this display of dance. Despite this, Malti Devi continues to change songs. Meanwhile, Anuj confides in Ankush about his frustration with seeing what Anupama has to endure in order to gain forgiveness from Malti Devi.

When Vanraj called Paakhi after Anupama didn’t answer his call, he learned that she had gone to meet Malti Devi and had called Paakhi. Leela says Anupama shouldn’t have gone there, since Malti Devi will never forgive her. Kavya asks Anupama how she will resolve the issue without meeting Malti Devi. Hasmukh says Anupama can melt Leela’s heart, and she can meet even Malti Devi’s. Leela says Malti Devi’s heart is made of stone.

Despite her fatigue and shortness of breath, Anupama continues to dance until she falls at Malti Devi’s feet. She expresses her apologies for abruptly stopping and Malti Devi encourages her to stand up. Anupama is willing to do anything for forgiveness, but Malti Devi questions if she still wants it. Anupama insists and promises to do whatever it takes, even if it means receiving a hug from Malti Devi. However, Malti Devi remembers warning Anupama that gurukul is like her god and she will not tolerate any insults towards it. Despite Anupama’s promise, she ended up breaking it.

Anupama threatens Dimpy and Samar’s career, but the Shah family is more worried about Anupama than about them. Anuj worries about Anupama and tells Ankush he shouldn’t have let her go there. Ankush asks him to go there and bring Anupama back. Barkha tells Adhik it’s good for them if Anuj gets busy with Anupama. Anuj says Anupama warned him not to go there.

Malti Devi tells Anupama that she believes Anupama had sacrificed her talent for her family. She states that the only way for Anupama to be forgiven is by completely sacrificing her family and devoting the rest of her life to her talent. Anupama remains silent as Malti Devi explains that Anupama never wanted to leave her family and disrespected her own talent. Now, Malti Devi is determined to punish Anupama severely and make her life a living nightmare. She forcefully drags Anupama out of the gurukul and slams the door shut in her face. With tears in her eyes, Anupama stands helplessly as Malti Devi plans her revenge. After receiving a phone call, Malti Devi hurriedly leaves, instructing Anupama to do the same. As she prepares to leave, Anupama removes her ghunghroo from her feet and keeps them as a symbol of Malti Devi’s blessings.


Toshu tells Anupama that Samar is no longer at Shah house.

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