Anupama 1st June 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 1st June 2023 Written Episode Update on

Barkha stammers as Anuj asks how she found out what happened to him a month ago. Maaya denies she did. Hasmukh asks what happened. Anuj describes the whole story and repeatedly questions Barkha angrily. Kinjal asks why Barkha did not inform them when they waited for Anuj for hours. Barkha says even Vanraj knew about it. Vanraj stands silent.

During their confrontation, Anupama accuses Vanraj of purposely remaining silent about Anuj’s situation. She believes that instead of genuinely being happy for her mother, Vanraj came to watch the drama unfold. Anxious and anticipating Anuj’s arrival, Anupama was not made aware by Vanraj that he was held up with Maaya at the hospital. Vanraj defends himself by pointing out that Anuj did not inform her either, as she only trusts her husband’s words. He questions why Anuj would choose to stay with Maaya instead of sending her to a mental institution. This suggests that Anuj prefers being with Maaya over his own wife.

Anuj assures Anupama that he didn’t betray her. He doesn’t feel the need to explain himself to anyone. When Maaya is brought up, he reminds everyone that he only promised to take care of her, not marry her; that right belongs solely to Anupama. Vanraj mocks Anuj’s firm stance and suggests he bring both his wife and Maaya home together until Maaya recovers, knowing well that Anuj would never do such a thing. Hasmukh interjects, urging Vanraj to let Anuj speak. Without hesitation, Anuj clarifies that there was and will never be anything between him and Maaya. Leela turns to Anupama for confirmation on whether she is still with Anuj or not. While they are no longer together, Anupama affirms their enduring love for each other and that no one can replace Anuj in her heart.

Maaya urges Anuj to divorce Anupama and free himself from the constraints of their marriage. She firmly believes that this is the best way for both of them to live their own lives. However, Anuj adamantly states that he would choose death over divorcing Anupama. Anupama echoes his sentiment and declares that their relationship will remain strong until they are alive. They both agree that if anyone has an issue with their bond, it is their problem and not theirs to worry about. With a stern look towards Maaya, Anuj warns her never to even consider the thought of him divorcing Anupama, not even in her dreams.

With a mischievous grin, Maaya considers that once Anupama departs for America, she will have the perfect opportunity to change Anuj’s mind. However, Anupama suggests they put their own feelings aside and focus on Samar and Dimpy’s upcoming wedding. Hasmukh reminds everyone that the wedding is scheduled for 4 p.m., so they should start preparing to make it a memorable occasion for #SAMPLE. Maaya chimes in with her agreement to make it unforgettable. In gratitude, Anuj thanks Anupama for understanding him, while she thanks him for forgiving her. As they discuss how the bride’s family will welcome the groom’s family, Anuj confidently predicts a grand welcome. Keeping things light, Anupama simply says “let’s see.” Watching their affectionate exchange with envy, Maaya and Barkha feel jealous. Before calling it a night, Anupama urges the Shahs to get some rest as they have an important role in rocking Samar’s wedding with their garba performance.

Anuj returns home and apologizes to Ankush, Dimpy, and Adhik for keeping them awake all night. He reassures them that from now on, their focus will solely be on the wedding. Maaya agrees with his statement. Anuj then excuses himself to get some rest. Barkha notices Maaya’s sudden change in behavior and urges her to drop the act since they are alone. However, Maaya retorts by pointing out Barkha’s own inability to keep her secrets hidden while trying to lecture her. Barkha tries to provoke Maaya into causing trouble at Samar’s wedding, but Maaya clarifies that she only has a problem with Anupama and not Samar. She explains that once Anupama moves to the USA, it will be easier for her to manipulate Anuj and break him away from Anupama. She even looks forward to enjoying Samar and Dimpy’s wedding without any ulterior motives. This change in tone from Maaya surprises Barkha as she realizes that Maaya is not concerned about Anuj and Anupama’s relationship, but rather about what will happen when Anuj takes charge of the business again.

As Anupama puts the finishing touches on Samar’s sehra kalgi, Vanraj approaches her. He wonders if she is upset that he didn’t inform her about Anuj’s previous absence. However, Anupama changes the subject and inquires about Samar’s kalgi. Vanraj compliments the beautiful craftsmanship of a mother-made prop and leaves. Leela then enters and admires the kalgi as well. They both express how much a mother values her son’s wedding. Meanwhile, Maaya sends a bouquet to Anuj, hoping to win him over with love rather than force. She knows he may be frustrated with her madness now, but believes he will eventually fall for her.


Barkha walks in and says Dimpy is right. Kavya informs Vanraj that they are becoming parents. Vanraj stands shocked hearing that. Anupama prepares special badges for the groom’s family.

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