Anupama 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 2nd June 2023 Written Episode Update on

Anuj, in charge of decorating Samar and Dimpy’s wedding, attempts to move a flower prop. Ankush joins him and suggests that if Anuj needs help, he should ask someone close to him. Anuj reassures him that he can handle it. However, Ankush clarifies that he is not referring to a good deed but rather himself. He expresses concern for Anuj and Anupama, understanding the recent events of the past month. He asks if Anuj is doing okay. Anuj admits that he is not doing well but finds comfort in confiding in Anupama and relieving himself from the heavy burden weighing on his heart. He compares it to a heavy stone placed on his chest with constant pounding on his head.

He claims that living without Anupama is akin to dying, but her happiness brings him joy and he somehow manages. Anuj believes that an artist’s misfortune is when their art goes unnoticed, and he wishes for Anupama’s talent to be praised so much that he has to perform her nazar every day. Ankush questions the fate of MaAn’s love story. In response, Anuj consoles himself by acknowledging that not every letter receives a reply, not every night has a moon, and not every love story has a happy ending. His own love story may be incomplete, but his love remains strong. Ankush agrees with the saying that those whose names are always linked do not always stay together forever, just like Radha Krishna or Anuj Anupama.

As the wedding preparations begin, Anupama enlists Leela’s help while Kavya manages to drop a box. Concerned for her pregnancy, Anupama steps in to assist Kavya and they share a laugh. Haskukh inquires about the arrival of Kanta and Bhavesh, who Leela reveals have gone to the temple and will be back soon. She then instructs Bhairavi to keep aside a flower basket and clean the kitchen, but Hasmukh voices his disapproval of assigning chores to a child who should be playing instead. Meanwhile, Anupama messages gurumaa to join them for her son’s wedding and seek blessings. She offers a prayer for a peaceful wedding without any complications and wonders where the groom is.

Vanraj proudly carries Samar on his shoulders, symbolizing the strength and support a father gives his son. In a touching speech, he hopes that Samar will always have his mother’s blessings and never follow in his father’s footsteps as a husband. Hasmukh presents Samar with a gold ring, cautioning him not to let the weight of responsibilities overshadow his happiness. Leela gifts him a chain and tearfully expresses her regret for not being able to find him the perfect wife, due to his choice of Dimpy against her wishes. As a token to protect him from any negativity, Kavya gifts Samar an iron piece. Leela jokes about Samar needing an iron outfit to keep away from Dimpy’s “evil eyes,” but Anupama quickly intervenes. Toshu gifts him a watch and advises him to be a good husband, avoiding any mistakes that may cause trouble in his married life. Kinjal, Dolly, Kanta, and Bhavesh also offer gifts and wise words of advice for Samar’s future journey.

Paakhi hopes to be at Leela’s brother’s wedding. Samar also misses Paakhi. Meenu gives him a traditional groom’s dagger. Anupama ties his sehra. A happy song plays in the background as Aupama performs his nazar and advises him to respect his wife at every step of life; never try to change her like him or change like her; relationships should be followed by both and cannot burden only one partner; self-respect is important and Dimpy’s earnings should be valued the same way he earns.

Having disrespected Anupama in the past, Vanraj recalls the incidents. As she continues to advise, Anupama emphasizes the importance of maintaining balance in relationships and not comparing themselves to others. Leela asks her to share her wisdom with her daughter in law, who is a mother in law rather than a mother, but Anupama says that even an MIL is a mother. Hasmukh says let’s go as they are running late. She shouts that her son is getting married today.


As Anupama prepares special badges for the groom’s family, Dimpy thinks her future path is not easy, she will have to fight but with love. Barkha walks in and says that she is right. Kavya informs Vanraj that they are going to become parents.

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