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Angad refuses to allow Inder to talk with Manveer and says Inder lost his right to speak to his mother. Simran asks Angad why he is scolding his father, since his father helped her find her mother’s locker. Veer takes Simran from there. People say right that a fake coin will always be fake, but Inder is always a failure. Japjyoth says Inder always complains about his Daarji, but he himself is a failure.

Angad yells at Sahiba, accusing her of hiding the truth and declares that he will never consider his father’s illegitimate child as his sister. He escorts Manveer back to her room, where she asks to be left alone. Unable to leave her in distress, Angad attempts to console her. Manveer sobs about how Inder’s actions have proven that he can never truly love her, as he had an affair with another woman. She cannot bear the thought of Inder’s biggest mistake residing freely in their home and demands that she be removed from the house. Angad adds that their father has betrayed them both.

As Akaal and Japjyoth enter the room, Angad inquires about how even he can be kept in the dark. Japjyoth discloses that they had found out about Inder’s affair a decade ago and assumed it ended after confronting him. To this, Angad turns to Manveer and questions why she didn’t inform him. Manveer answers that regardless of her relationship with Inder, she didn’t want him to despise his father. She tearfully admits that she feels worthless after discovering Inder’s betrayal. Meanwhile, Inder remembers his family’s animosity towards him and attempts to leave the house. Sahiba stops him and asks where he plans on going. Inder reveals that he wants to distance himself from the family. In response, Sahiba reminds him of Simran and asks if he wants her daughter to resent him as well. With a heavy heart, Inder responds with a “no”. Sahiba then persuades him to come clean and tell Simran the truth.

Sahiba approaches Simran, who is working on a sketch of herself, Angad, and her father. She inquires about the reason for Angad’s mother’s tears and expresses her intention to comfort her. However, Sahiba interrupts and wonders if Simran’s father had ever visited her at the hostel. Simran reveals that he never did and believes that he does not like her, explaining why he never made the effort to see her. To Simran’s surprise, Sahiba shares that she has already met their father and informs her that he will be visiting soon. Just then, Inder enters the room in tears as “Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi Hairaan Hoon Main..” plays in the background. Overcome with emotion, Simran also sheds tears and asks him if he is upset about being her father. In response, Inder embraces her emotionally and reassures her that his tears are of joy.

Inder makes Simran sit and tells her he had given her mamma’s locket. Simran happily dances and asks why he didn’t come to meet her. Sahiba says yes. As Inder tells Gaytri of his decision to not see her again, he recalls that she broke ties with him.

Angad passes by. Simran gladly hugs him and thanks him for finding her father, she is so happy the father is the same. Angad says he is not her brother and not to call him bhaiya. Simran asks if he is angry on her, since their father is the same, then they are siblings. Angad shouts again that he is not her brother.


Seerat throws Simran’s bag out and says she will also throw Simran out. Sahiba confronts her and asks her to pick up Simran’s bag. Angad agrees to send Simran out of their house. Akaal says she should leave if Manveer doesn’t want Simran in the house.

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