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When Sahiba asks Simran if she doesn’t study at the orphanage, Warden Simran replies that she’s in 3rd grade and is a good student. Despite being in the orphanage, Simran says that she should have been in 5th grade, but she’s in 3rd grade. Sahiba asks why? She recalls the warden’s warning to keep her mouth shut and lies that the warden’s madam doesn’t have money. In the evening, Angad and Sahiba escort Simran back to the orphanage.

It was great to have them, even her mother loved her just as they did. She asks if they would like to see her again. They both say they will, and they’ll have even more fun than today. Warden calls Simran. She kisses Sahiba on both cheeks and asks her to pass one on to Angad later. Sahiba says she will and sends her in. Angad says kids can act weird at times. Sahiba says they ought to do something for Simran. Angad agrees.

Sahiba and Angad arrive back home, and Seerat eagerly awaits their return. Just as they enter, Angad receives a call from Pam, and he informs Sahiba that he needs to visit the workshop immediately to finalize jewellery designs for a foreign client.

As Seerat approaches Angad, she presents him with a T-shirt. Intrigued, she helps him try it on, and to their delight, it fits him perfectly.

Sahiba asks the maid to serve dinner for Angad and observes Seerat’s unusual conduct, making her consider having a conversation with Seerat about it later. Veer approaches Angad and informs him of an urgent need to visit the workshop. After completing his work, Angad decides to stay at their farmhouse near the workshop. He departs, asking Veer to inform Sahiba about his decision. Seerat’s face breaks into a grin upon hearing this.

A wealthy couple comes to adopt Simran, who stands nervously. The couple offers money to the warden and assures her that they can provide financial assistance, as well as ensure that all formal adoption processes are completed without any problems. The warden pledges her assurance to Simran. Sahiba calls the warden, letting her know that Simran is very intelligent and that both she and Angad are willing to fund her education. The warden maintains that Simran need not worry about her future as she has been taken in by a rich family. When Sahiba queries when this occurred, and why didn’t Simran tell them about this, the warden replies that they wouldn’t have questioned Simran’s decision; she then asks Sahiba not to call for Simran again. Agitatedly, Sahiba hastens back to the farmhouse where she intends to discuss it with Angad.

Seerat arrives at the farmhouse and inquires about Angad from the servant, Gopal. Gopal informs her that Angad is still at the workshop. Seerat grants Gopal some time off and takes it upon herself to prepare food for Angad. She pours wine into a glass, spills some on her dress, and goes to the washroom to clean herself. When Angad reaches the farmhouse and calls Gopal, Seerat walks toward him. He asks what she’s doing here. Seerat says he’s shocked. Sahiba arrives at the farmhouse hoping Angad hasn’t gone to sleep.

She rings the bell and seeing it off walks near the window to check. Seerat holds Angad’s hands and says he promised to take care of her. Angad says he remembers that he promised to take care of her and that he would always support her. She feels lonely and needs his companionship. She would have married him if Sahiba had not interfered and snatched her right. Angad asks her not to talk like this. Seerat asks if he fell in love with Sahiba.

Sahiba opens the window and upon noticing her, Angad follows suit. His pursuit of her sparks jealousy in Seerat, who unsuccessfully attempts to intervene. Sahiba sternly cautions her to let her speak to Angad while he assures them that he was unaware of Seerat’s presence and had only informed his visit to her and Veer. Bristling with anger, Sahiba tells him he should make it clear to Seerat that he is her sister’s husband and that she should keep a distance. With those words, she marches off from the spot.

Sahiba asks Seerat why she went to Angad, and Seerat says her husband left her and she wanted to lighten her heart. Sahiba should not forget that she was related to Angad previously, and she doesn’t have to answer Sahiba. Due to her relationship with her sister’s husband, Sahiba says she has to.

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