Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd August 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Sahiba is informed that Angad bhaiya’s mamma does not want her to stay in this house; Angad has a mamma and he should stay with her. Manveer calls Mr Dhillon and informs Simran that they should go to the orphanage with Dhillon. She asks Sahiba to visit the orphanage often with Angad and play with her. Sahiba and Angad are informed that Simran will never forget them in life and she keeps the teddy as a memento. Angad agrees.

It will serve as a reminder to Simran whenever she misses him. Inder breaks down and pleads with Angad not to punish an innocent child. Manveer drags Simran towards the door. Simran pleads with Angad. Sahiba reminds Angad of his promise as Simran tied the rakhi to him. Angad stops Manveer and asks her not to be so rude to the kid. If he truly cares for his mother, Manveer shouts not to interfere.

Simran continues to plead with Angad as Manveer drags her out of the house. Sahiba asks if Angad Simran will never have a brother to protect him, etc. Seerat yells at her to stop provocation against his mother. Inder pleads that Simran not do that, but Manveer takes Simran’s teddy and throws it away. Simran picks it up and says she will keep it forever. Manveer drags Simran towards a car again, and Inder warns her not to do so.

She is stopped by Angad and told Simran won’t go to the orphanage. He is shocked and asks whether he will go against his mother. Seerat also questions him. Inder thanks God. Manveer slaps Angad and says he is trying to please his wife by going against his mother. Sahiba verbally abuses her and curses her as she wobbles. Sahiba rushes to help her, but she pushes Sahiba away. Angad and Seerat hold her. She collapses.

The physician informs Manveer of her high blood pressure and advises her to avoid stress. Upon waking, she immediately contacts Japjyoth, who inquires about her condition. Manveer reveals that her son has betrayed her by choosing a girl over the family and she cannot bring herself to forgive him. Akaal reaches out to Sahiba and Angad and acknowledges that it was right for Angad not to send Simran to an orphanage, but he understands that Manveer is experiencing great pain. He suggests sending Simran to a boarding school, as previously planned by Angad and Sahiba. Sahiba is taken aback while Angad agrees with the suggestion. Later on, Inder expresses gratitude towards Angad for his kind actions. The drama continues…

The precap:

When Simran goes missing, Sahiba becomes tensed and wonders if anyone in the family sent her away.


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