Teri Meri Doriyaan 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update


Angad wishes happy lohri to Daarji and Bebe. Bebe blesses him for taking his and his Daarji’s name to new heights. Angad thanks her. Jasleen thinks she has seen a world, Angad’s hard-earned name will be drowned because of his love story with Seerat. Garry asks why is she talking to herself, she needs a relaxing massage and he will book a spa appointment for her. She stops him and asks him to go and touch Daarji and Bebe’s feet. Angad touches Manveer and the other elders’ feet next. Gurleen offers sweets. Daarji picks 2 laddus. Bebe reminds him that doc warned him not to have too many sweets. Daarji says one is for him and another is for his son who doesn’t want to celebrate lohri with his family. Ekam taunts Angad that today he had attended a lohri event as a chief guest, and next year he will be attending another lohri event with Seerat as a chief guest couple. Garry taunts Angad.

Sahiba recalls Angad throwing sindoor on her forehead by mistake and then arguing with her. She fears her parents’ reaction. Keerat asks her to take a bath after she reaches home. Angad recalls Sahiba and his fight and fumes. Veer asks if he is thinking about Sahiba. Seerat tells Ajeet he is a disgrace to them. Ajit says he fulfilled all his responsibilities as a father and got his daughters educated. Santosh says he can’t even fix their leaking roof and torn clothes.

Jasleen tells Daarji that Manveer has invited Seerat’s parents home to fix Seerat and Angad’s alliance. Daarji says he knows about it. Jasleen says Mandep informed everyone except Angad’s father. Inder walks down. Jasleen informs him about Manveer wants to fix Angad’s alliance with Seerat. Inder says only he doesn’t know about his son’s alliance. Manveer says he never interferes in family issues. Inder says he stopped interfering long ago. Daarji comments. Jasleen says they shouldn’t lose this alliance and get Angad married to her. Bebe says she is surprised to see Jasleen worried for the family. Jasleen says she is always worried for the family, but her opinions are always criticized. Jaspal says they are talking about Angad’s marriage here.

Jasleen says they shouldn’t delay Angad and Seerat’s marriage. Manveer says she will not hurry up and will take a decision only after evaluating the girl well. Daarji says she is right as they need to lead a life together and not like someone/like Jasleen who leaves her partner midway. Inder asks if they sought Angad’s opinion. Angad walks in. Daarji questions him about his opinion regarding marriage. Angad says he doesn’t want to set a bad example for his younger siblings and will go with the family’s decision.

Seerat and Santosh continue their drama and humiliate Ajeet. Santosh starts her drama that she doesn’t have proper clothes to wear to visit Brar’s and her life is hell and she is tired of being poor forever. Ajeet tries to calm her down. Tears roll down his cheeks. Santosh taunt him even for that and continues her drama. Sahiba returns home with Keerat. Santosh asks how did she get sindhoor in her hairline. Sahiba describes what had happened. Seerat says they are talking about her marriage, but Sahiba filled sindhoor in her hairline before her; she is sure Sahiba’s admirer filled her hairline in style. Sahiba fumes imagining Angad. Seerat continues to joke on Sahiba.

Precap: Seerat informs Sahiba that Angad likes her and wants to marry her. Garry plans Angad and Seerat’s date, calls and informs Seerat, and says he has a condition.

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