Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Askhara, Abhinav and Abhir are praying at the temple.  Abhinav for peace of mind and Akshara for taking only good memories with her.   Abhir asks Abhinav if they can stick the coin in the temple.  Both go outside to stick the coin and pray.  Abhinav comes and stands behind Akshara.  Akshara realizes he is around and turns back shocked.

Jaaniye.. the song is playing in the background.

Akshara tries to go out but Abhimanyu blocks her path.  When she requests to move ahead he tells her that he loves her.  He says he has always loved her.  He tried his best not to love her but failed.  In six years the world has moved ahead but he is still in the same place waiting for her.  He says that maybe God got tired and sent her back to him.  She replied that she has not returned.  He then asks her to return.  He says I have always loved you right from the moment we first met.  Akshara says in six years things have changed and she no longer loves him.  He asks her to look into his eyes and say the same thing.  She replied that if she loved him she would not have moved ahead.  Abhimanyu says that he cannot understand how she moved ahead so quickly when he could not.  But when she ran towards him when he got into an accident he realized she still feels for him.  He says she is just pretending to have moved on but she still is in the same position that he is.  We are destined to be together always and we still love each other very much.  Things are complicated but we will simplify them.  Please return to me. 

Abhinav is listening to the conversation and remembers Abhimanyu telling him that he is in between Akshara and him. He walks away from there.

Abhimanyu explains to Akshara that though he tried he could not give her place to anyone else.  People will be hurt by their decision but he will explain it to everyone.  He is pleading with her to come back and he promises not to hurt her again.  He again repeats that he loves her very much.  Do you love me too he asks Akshara.

Akshara says that just as there is a line between right and wrong so also there is a line between love and sin and that is the bond of love.  She is someone else’s wife now.  He has no right to even think about her now.  You cannot ask a wife, a mother to leave her marriage and come back.  It’s not love but selfishness.  As usual, Abhimanyu makes decisions and does not think of her feelings.  She ran when he got into the accident because of their past relationship.  She made a mistake on that day that she will not repeat again.  She moved on because she had Abhinav with her.  She managed to move on because of the respect she got from Abhinav which she never got from Abhimanyu.  Abhinav always discusses with her, and asks her opinion before making any decision.  She got worried when Abhimanyu came to Kasauli.  Abhinav at that time respected her past and did not judge her.  She was reluctant to come to Udaipur for the fear of hurting Abhinav which she unfortunately finally did.  Abhinav taught her that love means love and respect. Abhinav loved her unconditionally. 

On the day Neil died she too lost something.  Everyone blamed her and called her a murderer and punished her too.  And now he says he loves her.  It’s not love but life imprisonment she tells Abhimanyu.  She thanks Dr Abhimanyu Birla for his offer but she does not accept the offer.  She does not accept his love.   She tells Abhimanyu that she is leaving all memories behind and going to Kasauli with Abhinav and Abhir.

Akshara asks Abhimanyu to accept Aarohi and Roohi and move on with his life.  She asks one last question before she goes.  If on that day she had died instead of Neil would he have divorced Neil?  He would not have broken his relationship with Neil because he treated that relationship equally but never treated her as an equal.


Abhinav says that things are not the same now so why take the trouble of setting up the house?  When Akshara tells Abhinav that he is her husband he replies that he is just a namesake husband.  He says he has seen the love Abhimanyu and she has for each other and how he has come between the two.  He says he does not deserve such a big responsibility. Abhimanyu confesses to Aarohi that he met Akshara and confessed his feelings to her and asked her to come back.  Aarohi is shocked.

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