Pandya Store 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal and Natasha’s Emotional Struggle

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Natasha is found dozing off outside the store as the camera pans over to the Pandya family, who are seen bonding inside. Dhawal notices Natasha’s despondent expression. Meanwhile, Dolly and Chirag practice dance moves as she jokingly teases him about his lack of skills. He responds by mentioning his ability to make laborers groove at the construction site, causing her to question why he married her in the first place. He admits that he was infatuated and unable to handle their relationship. Dolly continues criticizing him for being a non-dancer and non-romantic husband, unable to make a decent video with her. However, Chirag attempts to salvage the situation by reminding her of their date night. She scoffs, claiming it was a terrifying experience, and blames him for not understanding her likes and dislikes. But Chirag begs for another chance and sets up a stall with the Pandya family, proudly displaying their store signboard. Suman witnesses this heartwarming moment and fondly remembers Dhara’s role in bringing them together.

Shesh has the family picture, and Suman’s expression brightens. She inquires about Chutki’s whereabouts. Shesh responds that he has removed her but reprimands Suman for not informing him. Suman scolds him in return, insisting that Chutki must be included in the photo. Kanta enters and shares that Natasha is sleeping outside the Pandya store. She questions why Natasha would destroy a place she supposedly holds dear and blames Suman for marrying her into a wealthy family. Irritated, Suman asks Kanta to leave. As she exits, Natasha is awake and quickly decides to leave before Suman discovers her presence. Dhawal also wakes up and chases after her.

Suman and Chiku arrived at the location in search of Natasha. After Chiku confirms she is not there, Suman inquires about her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Dhawal appears behind Natasha, and Hetal begins to look for Amrish. Upon calling his number, Hetal receives a shock from a letter she finds. Natasha notices Dhawal following her, but he turns away at her request. Hetal is distraught as she informs Dhawal that Amrish has left their house. He is taken aback and quickly leaves to investigate the situation.

Hetal rushes out of the room, tears streaming down her face. Amba inquires about the commotion, to which Hetal responds that Amrish is no longer in the room. Amba questions how he could have left the house, urging her to search for him. Hetal explains that she tried to speak with him, but he refused to let her in and left a letter behind before departing. Suddenly, Dhawal arrives home, and Hetal reveals that Amrish has left. As everyone gathers, Dhawal asks for an explanation and expresses shock at Amrish’s departure. Hetal hands him the letter, and Dhawal reads it aloud.

Amba inquired about the contents, prompting Dhawal to read them aloud. As he does, tears fall from his eyes. At that moment, Amrish’s voice echoes in his mind. Recalling the struggles he has faced throughout his life, including the loss of his father at a young age and witnessing his mother’s bangles break, as well as his brother’s helplessness, nothing has left such deep wounds as the questions from his own family. Dhawal is overcome with emotion as he speaks to his brother, wishing for him always to remain happy. The once loving and respectful glances from his brother have now turned accusatory and filled with disdain. At that point, it would have been easier if Dhawal had died. These memories bring everyone to tears.


Natasha signs the divorce papers and throws them at Dhawal.

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