Mehndi Wala Ghar 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Manas and Mauli’s Emotional Turmoil

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Manas confronting Janki, putting on a show of fake tears, and venting about Mauli. Janki advises him to consider the consequences of his actions and walks away. Meanwhile, Rahul and the others engage in a game of cricket. Janki arranges flowers in a vase only to have it knocked over by an errant ball. She becomes visibly frustrated. Seeing everyone hiding, Rahul apologizes and asks for the ball back. In that moment, Janki worries about the potential damage that Rahul’s antics could cause to Manas and Mauli’s relationship. Cut to Mauli and her female companions busily sewing kurtas for everyone. Mauli ponders how she can reignite Akshay and Jyoti’s romance as she works.

Swara points out that the kurta design is unique, while Mauli mentions it’s meant for Manisha. Swara then suggests adding Gota Patti to it. As Mauli hands the kurta to Manoj, she informs him that Janki has sent it for him to wear. Pleased with the kurta, he thanks her and admires its design. Tanvi reveals that she gave the same kurta to Vijay, and Golu also gifted it to Manisha. Ajay expresses his interest in the kurta as well. Mauli then offers a needle and tells Akshay he may need it now. Akshay finds a button in his hand and calls Jyoti over to stitch it onto the kurta. Mauli instructs Jyoti to leave once she’s done with stitching the button.

Jyoti claims it’s Mauli’s mischievous doing. In an attempt to fix it, he instructs Jyoti to stand on the chair as he takes her hand. Mauli grins but accidentally pricks herself with the needle. Trying to ease the situation, he insists it’s all done and leaves. Left in emotional distress, Jyoti weeps while Mauli helps her down from the chair. Ensuring that everything is alright, she notices everyone admiring the same kurta. Janki enters and observes the commotion, followed by Manisha, who mentions that their mother had also sent it over. They confirm that they received it from Janki, and Jyoti reveals that Mauli had given it to them. Just then, Mauli arrives and apologizes for lying about sending the kurta. Janki looks on silently.

Mauli suggests revisiting old memories, to which Janki readily agrees. At this, Hari tells a friendly competition to obtain laddoos from Janki’s possession. The group eagerly accepts the challenge and begins their pursuit of Janki. As they reach her and she hands over the laddoos, Manoj stops due to a knee injury. Akshay wins the race and proudly taunts his friends for doubting his abilities. Janki confirms his victory by giving him a laddoo, while Vijay requests one to celebrate the win. Everyone shares a smile as Akshay savors his victory treat.

Then Janki nods and feeds them laddoo. They take her blessings and run. Akshay says it is cheating. Hari says Mauli has asked for a property share, and I feel sad. I knew that she had come to join the family and took your name to unite them by lying. Janki gives Mauli laddoo. Jyoti prays that Mauli gets her dream partner.

Manas believes I am trying to harm Mauli’s reputation. Mini is feeling apprehensive. Mauli suggests she approach Akshay and have a conversation with him. Acting on her advice, Mini meets with Akshay and shares that her friends are interested in celebrating Holika at their house. She reveals that Sneha will soon be married, and this will be her last Holi with them. However, Akshay disagrees, stating it is inappropriate for her to partake in the festivities with boys. He turns to Jyoti and asks her to make Mini understand his perspective. Mauli intervenes, affirming that it is thoughtful of Mini to seek their permission since they are just friends. Janki chimes in, pointing out the potential complications of having boys and girls as friends under one roof.

Rahul says we shouldn’t have a problem. Janki says the matter is over; tell them not to come home. Mini leaves. Manas thinks I’ll do Mauli’s game over. Janki asks Ajanta where she is. Dadi says it’s my off tomorrow, who drinks tea on Holi. Ajanta believes we’ll have to work together, Jyoti tells you, Tanvi says she’ll make the special Gujiya.

It makes Hari happy to hear about the Bahus’ plans. He asks them to make sweets and gives the best one, nek. Janki departs. Swara jokes about Ajanta. Ajanta says she will cook any easy recipe. She eats the curd. Swara says I had kept the curd for the sweets. They argue. Jyoti says Golu will get the curd. Swara says fine. Rahul says we’ll get skin infections with these colors.

Ajay says we will make colors at home. Manoj says I’ve also prepared. He gets the flowers and mehendi leaves. They talk about their childhood and laugh. Manoj jokes on Akshay. Ajay and Vijay say they used to throw Akshay in the pool. Akshay smiles. He thinks we’ll relive our childhood. He said he didn’t want to celebrate it with you because you asked for a property share.


Mini’s friends arrive. Janki scolds Mauli. Manas apologizes. Rahul asks him to stop. Everyone dances.

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