Suhaagan 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya Faces More Challenges in Court


Suhaagan 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Amma spotting a girl with Manohar’s name tattooed on her neck. She frantically chases after the girl, calling out, “Kaveri!” Bindiya follows closely behind, attempting to stop Amma’s pursuit. After pushing Bindiya away, Amma continues to run. An elderly man recognizes her and addresses her as Durga. Surprised, Bindiya asks if he knows Amma. He confirms that she is indeed Durga. Meanwhile, Amma continues chasing after the same girl (a doctor assisting Payal). As she rushes up the stairs, she nearly falls but is caught by Payal just in time. Krish and Bindiya watch this interaction unfold. The doctor then turns to see both Amma and Payal before her.

Payal smirked as she recalled her plan to trouble Amma, hoping to drive her so mad that the Shukla family would send her to Agra’s mental asylum and Bindiya would leave for Chirayya. The flashback ends, and Payal quickly calls Krish, who rushes over to hold Amma. Bindiya tries to calm her down by playing a calming song for her. Thankfully, it works, and Amma begins to relax. Payal then takes credit for saving Amma, claiming that she has been having frequent attacks. Bindiya blames Payal for causing these attacks, but Payal defends herself, saying she saved Amma. Krish intervenes and scolds Bindiya, noting that Amma keeps getting increasingly hyper, thanks to their constant bickering. However, Bindiya dismisses it and says arguing with Krish is like hitting her head against a wall.

Taking Payal from there, Krish tells her he is worried and doesn’t want her to come here. Amma sees Kaveri in every woman, and Payal says I assumed Amma saw Kaveri in me, so I left home. There comes Indu, Sakshi, and Vikram. According to Indu, this Maharani Payal didn’t pick up the phone, so she came. Baldev comes there and asks Payal, why did you come here?

The girl says she saved Amma’s life. Krish says she has sent Payal unnecessarily to Nikku’s house. She says she couldn’t let Amma fall, so she saved her. Since she saved her, Payal says she is calm. Sakshi asks how Payal can become Amma’s jaaneman. She says we’ll make Amma and Payal meet face-to-face to determine if she’s Janeman and Jani Dushman. Vikram says yes. Indu scolds him. Lawyers ask them to come to the courthouse.

In the courtroom, Amma laughs. Baldev asks Amma to be silent. The judge asks who Amma is and why she is laughing. Bindiya apologizes to Judge and says she is Krish’s Dadi and my Amma. The judge asked if she did not know this court protocol. He tells Judge Amma that he isn’t well and cannot live without Bindiya, so we brought her here. She said it’s nice that they are working together to handle sensitive matters and ask about the divorce withdrawal petition.

Bindiya and Krish’s divorce is on our agenda, says Pal. The judge asks her to sit and maintain court decorum. Krish requests the divorce and says he is tired of Bindiya. A judge shows them their kiss video after she saw it on Instagram and thought they were patching up. People watching the video start gossiping.

The judge says that despite uploading a romantic video, you are filing for divorce at the same time. Payal informs Krish that Bindiya has a very important motive behind this, she tells him. Krish tells the Judge that the video is only for show. The judge asks who you would like to show this fake love to. Krish says Amma was stubborn and wanted us to kiss. Krish says he does not love her, but he hates her.

According to Krishna’s lawyer, Bindiya ruined his life, and she is dangerous. He says he will tell the court about her crimes. He says Bindiya acted pregnant when Payal and Krish were expecting their baby. Sakshi tells Vikram that the magistrate might think the Shukla family should be renamed as Dirty Picture. Indu scolds her and calls her dirty. Vikram asks her to see what people are saying. People gossip about the Shukla family and humiliate them.

According to Krish’s lawyer, Bindiya pushed Payal down the stairs, making her fall. Bindiya claims that this is a lie and that Payal is not pregnant. Krish says he knows that Bindiya will say this, so he has contacted Payal’s doctor. As soon as Dr. Trupti arrives, she tells Baldev that Payal had a miscarriage after falling down the stairs.

Bindiya assures him there is no need to worry as she has made all the arrangements. Her lawyer then requests a copy of the FIR. The judge turns to Krish’s lawyer for clarification, but he responds that no such document exists. Bindiya’s lawyer reassures them that all the accusations against her client were fabricated and unsubstantiated. He then calls upon the inspector, who reveals that Payal Shukla’s statement supported Bindiya’s innocence and resulted in the case being dismissed. The judge expresses confusion, questioning why they initially told the police that Payal was not pushed down the stairs yet are now accusing Bindiya. She asserts that this is a severe criminal offense.

He tells the Judge that he feels suffocated in this relationship and asks for a divorce. Bindiya cries. The judge tells her Krish does not wish to stay in this marriage and asks her to decide.


Bindiya asks Baldev about Amma’s past. Baldev shows Bindiya Amma’s diary. Bindiya reads it and is shocked.

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