Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Angad Saves Sahiba from Mental Asylum


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The family pleads with Manveer not to send Sahiba to the mental asylum after nurses forcefully drag her into an ambulance. Sahiba is trying to manipulate Angad and provoke him to make a mistake to prove him wrong, and she deserves mental asylum for how she misbehaved with her friends today. Manveer yells in her usual rude tone.

Garry tries to contact Angad in vain. The ambulance leaves. Sahiba continues to resist and calls Angad. Angad hears her and stops his car. His car won’t restart. He gets out of the car and runs towards the ambulance. The song Ek Baar Milade Saiyan… plays in the background. He falls and gets injured. The ambulance leaves.

Nurses drag Sahiba into a treatment room with force. Angad reaches the mental asylum and asks the receptionist about Sahiba, who says she hasn’t seen her. The doctor orders nurses to remove metal objects from Sahiba so she can receive an electric shock. Sahiba resists. He continues to question people around and finds Sahiba’s slipper.

He reaches the treatment room on time and stops the treatment. Sahiba collapses when he sees him. Angad tongue-lashed the hospital staff for bringing his wife here. The doctor said Manveer madam… As Angad carries Sahiba away from the mental asylum, he threatens to file a lawsuit against them for bringing his wife to the facility without performing any tests.

In celebration of Sahiba’s eviction from Brar mansion and their lives, Manveer throws a dinner party for her friends. She asks Gurleen and Prabjot to join her. According to Manveer, Angad will soon be married to a good girl. Gurleen asks her to find a girl for Veer and get both brothers married on the same day. Seerat feels happy when she hears them.

Sahiba returns with Angad. Gurleen says their problems have returned home. Manveer asks why he brought Sahiba back. Angad takes Sahiba to his room and asks Jasleen what had happened. Jasleen explains the entire story. He asks her to stay with Sahiba for some time and walks away. He confronts Manveer for sending Sahiba to a mental hospital.

In the morning, Manveer shouted that Sahiba was scheming against them and harmed her and her friends, so he should consult his lawyer and get rid of her as soon as possible, citing mental issues. Sahiba is right; the whole Brar family has a problem, and Angad will speak to his lawyer.


Sahiba asks what Angad is saying. He tells Seerat she still loves him and wants him to marry her. Angad drags her out of the house and shuts the door on her face. Seerat says he shouldn’t have taken the curse of a love-deprived woman.

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