Faltu 26th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

The Episode begins with Kanika asking Janardhan to say yes or no. Janardhan worries and says okay. Kanika asks them to do the Graha Pravesh. Tanu asks Sumitra to make Faltu ready. She says we’ll do the bahus’ graha pravesh today. Ayaan refuses. Sumitra insists and goes with them. She explains them. You can’t think only of yourself, but also of your parents.

Once Janardhan sees Ayaan, he will hug him, and Faltu can unite the family if she wants, such a chance won’t come again. She leaves. Ayaan refuses to participate in this game. He says I can’t let Tanisha succeed, state trials are coming up, you have to focus on cricket, I can’t risk your career. She says, I promise, nothing will happen to me. Sumitra says Ayaan and Faltu are coming. She asks Kumkum to prepare a Kalash for them as well. Savita argues with Kanika.

Kanika says you don’t say this, people have talked when Ayaan declared his divorce from Tanu. Sumitra says to tell us if Tanu has found happiness by marrying Ayaan. When Tanu married Sid, why do I feel like everyone is jealous of Ayaan and Faltu? Sid asks Savita to please agree. Ayaan and Faltu get ready and arrive. They will have graha pravesh together. Tanu and Faltu enter the house. Tanu slips and holds Ayaan’s hand. Faltu thanks Ayaan for saving her. Ayaan goes to Faltu. Sid holds Tanu.

Faltu is taunted by Kanika. Savita asks Harsh to call Janardhan and ask him to come home. She leaves. Kanika says she never gets happy, Aunty you should explain to her. She adds that she has other news for them. She says she will throw a grand reception party for the two couples, which will be very elaborate. The two are now related. Faltu says we should begin our new relationship right now. Ayaan holds her. Faltu smiles. Tanu and Faltu go. Faltu asks her what game she is playing.

Tanu says she knows you have one intention, and that’s to ruin our lives. She says I’ll ruin all the relationships in this house, everyone will curse you, and Ayaan will regret choosing you over me. She tells Faltu to feel scared. Faltu smiles and says you think I’m uneducated and can’t do anything, but I challenge you, you can’t do anything when I’m around. The man says that he feels bad that your dad has ended ties with you because you married the girl of your choice. Ayaan asks if he can help. Tanu accepts the challenge.

Despite my instructions, Ayaan left the house and did not think of the family, Janardhan says. Dadi asks Janardhan to help Ayaan. Janardhan says we no longer own 40%. Savita asks what happened. Janardhan says I only have 10% shares, we have nothing there, and Kanika is in charge. It makes Faltu cry. He says I can’t do anything. Faltu goes to Ayaan and says I can’t tell him about Tanu’s challenge, otherwise, he will worry more.

She tells me Tanu is a threat to us, she just wants you, and she has challenged me to save the family if I can, I heard Dad’s words, he said he only owns 10% of the company. Ayaan is shocked.


Welcome back, Rocky. Faltu says I’m the elder bahu now. Sumitra asks her to cook. Janardhan hands over the business to Sid and Tanu. Ayaan watches.

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