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Faltu Episode Update

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A coach asks Faltu and Shanaya to keep up the good work. He asks them to play well for the state trial. Tanu looks on. The coach asks Shanaya to move her wrist. Tanu says she is still in pain. Tanu sees Faltu running and asks why she is going after Shanaya. Faltu changes her clothes and goes to play. Ayaan comes there to meet Faltu. Shanaya says she will come for batting.

Seeing me here makes her very happy. Faltu plays. Tanu asks why she wore the mask, and how is she playing so well with her injured hand. Coach says well played. She asks where Tanu is. Tanu comes.

Ayaan sees Faltu playing and says my wife works hard, so why is she playing a mask? Coach says Shanaya has hit the perfect shot. Ayaan wonders how Shanaya can be Shanaya, an amazing shot, but the same stance as Faltu, is that Faltu’s batting style? Tanu is shocked to see Shanaya in the washroom. She asks who is playing on the field if she is here. She sees Faltu’s t-shirt. Ayaan asks where Faltu is. Faltu comes back and changes clothes. Tanu says Faltu is playing in Shanaya’s place, Sumitra was right, does Ayaan know about this, no.

Faltu joins the game. The coach inquires, “Where do you disappear? Concentrate on the game. Trials are approaching, and you and Shanaya will bat together.” Shanaya replies, “No, I’m comfortable playing fourth.” Ayaan questions why she is saying this when they have always practised for the opening position. The coach instructs them to assume their positions.

Ayaan looks on and wonders why Faltu looks so tired. Ayaan goes to meet with her. She is shocked when she sees him. She asks when you came. He says you should have told me you are glad to see me, how unromantic. She embraces him and exclaims, “I’m so happy! But when did you arrive?” Shanaya smiles upon witnessing their interaction. Ayaan compliments, “You did great, but Shanaya played even better.”

Ayaan and Faltu leave. Tanu comes home. Shanaya lies to them. She tells them I will meet Ruhaan and come. Ayaan and Faltu come home. She says I’ve been waiting for this chance, Ayaan won’t be yours unless he’s mine. They return home. She says you look happy. He says yes, I’m sure I’ll solve all of our problems.

The man assures, “I will reveal everything, just be patient. Focus on cricket for now. I am always by your side, so stop worrying.” She embraces him. Tanu declares, “I will expose Faltu and make Ayaan despise her. Maybe then it will be easier for me to gain Ayaan’s trust.” She smiles.

As she sees Amar ji, she asks who asked for these candles. He says I’m taking them for Dadi, she loves scented candles. Tanu watches. Dadi falls asleep. Tanu places the candles on the carpet, then leaves. We will challenge Kanika and get back our house and business if Janardhan reads and signs the papers.

Ayaan instructs, “Sign the papers. I need to be with Faltu. If she gives her best tomorrow, she can secure a spot in the state team.” Janardhan reassures, “Don’t worry.” Dadi wakes up and notices the fire, causing her to shout. Tanu smiles.


I have to tell you the truth. Ayaan asks what. Tanu says you will stain everyone, Ayaan won’t be yours.

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