Faltu 8th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Ayaan is fine, why didn’t you accept the job offer? Faltu says I’ll find a job, I’ll return your money. Tanisha says I’m not in a hurry, tell me where you’re going to find work. Ayaan asks Suhana about Tanisha. Suhana says maybe she went to the washroom. Sid is worried. Faltu asks why would I hide it. Tanisha asks why. Faltu says that I promised to stay away from Ayaan.

Suddenly Tanisha says you have a sindoor relationship with Ayaan. Faltu is shocked. Dadi asks about Tanisha. Ayaan says I don’t know. Ayaan thinks to go and check. Sid sees Kanika and asks did Tanisha call you. Tanisha went to meet Faltu. Faltu asks Tanisha what is going on. Tanisha shows the video. Tanisha cries and says I know everything, why are you doing this, I didn’t know you had stolen my husband.

What made you say that you wanted Ayaan to be happy? Faltu asks what could I say, you got married to Ayaan, I didn’t wish to hurt your heart, Sindoor was filled by mistake, it has no meaning, you are Ayaan’s wife, that’s the truth, I wasn’t wrong, I didn’t take the job to hide from you all.

Dadi asks Ayaan where Tanisha is. Ayaan says I’ll go see. Dadi says I don’t know where she is. Sumitra watches. Tanisha says but you took Ayaan’s help for your dad’s treatment. Suhana takes photos.

Tanisha is called out by Ayaan. Sumitra asks Kanika to come inside, everyone is waiting. Kanika goes. Sumitra asks what’s going on, and where is Tanisha. Sid says Jagrata is going on, we don’t know about Tanisha. Tanu has gone to meet Faltu, she asked me to cover for her. She asks why she went at this time. Sid says I don’t understand what she is planning.

Tanisha says don’t act smart, I know everything. Faltu says I didn’t take Ayaan’s help, I swear, you and Ayaan stay together. Faltu says I made him hate me. Tanisha says he cares for you, he thinks of you more than me, and please Faltu, do something that will make him hate you. I beg you.

I’ll do this if you trust me. Ayaan is waiting for Tanisha. Kanika and Sid are worried. Ayaan asks where Tanu is. Sid says Tanu didn’t tell me, she might be around. Pandit says aarti mahurat is passing; call your son and wife. Dadi asks Ayaan where Tanisha is. Tanisha says she’s here. Dadi asks where she went.

I went to get sindoor box, Guru ji gave it to me, I had to place it at Mata’s feet, and I have to apply it, I’m scared after Ayaan’s accident, so I’m doing it. Tanisha and Ayaan do the aarti. Faltu gets ready. Ayaan says thank you, you came on time. Sid asks Tanisha did Faltu agree. Tanisha says I will tell you later.

He asks what is it. She says Faltu came to Mumbai, I met him. He asks why. She says I went to offer help for Charan’s treatment, I offered her a job, but she refused it, because she got a better job and she would pay 20 lakhs.

She says she is afraid that she will do anything wrong. He tells her to forget her, dinner is ready, so come for dinner. He leaves. She smiles. Faltu prays and leaves. Tanisha speaks to her friend. Ayaan watches. He says its your friend’s birthday, and you’re refusing to go to the party. Please go, I’ll take care of everyone at home.

She says she invited both of us, she wanted to meet you, she didn’t want to go alone. He says he’s fine, I’ll get ready and come. She says wow, I don’t believe it. He asks if I’m an oldie, anyway, oldies also go to parties. He goes to get ready.

Ayaan is shocked when he sees Faltu dancing in shorts. Tanisha says I have never seen her wearing anything other than suits. Ayaan becomes angry.


I will return the money to you and your wife, Faltu says. Ayaan asks how she will repay him. She says I will work and earn money. He asks her to work in his house as a maid. She accepts.

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