Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

In the episode, Pallavi tells Badi Dida that she took a promise from Ranbir to marry Rhea, but Prachi was not here, and even Ranbir was alone. Dida says that? Ranbir is my son, and I do everything to ensure that he is happy. Pallavi says parents should not make decisions that are right for their children.

Pallavi says parents should not impose their decisions on their children. She says Ranbir cannot be expected to like the girl I like most, and it is impossible to expect this. Dida asks what parents should do: sit hand in hand. Pallavi says parents should not force their decisions on their children.

Badi Dida asks Pallavi if Ranbir doesn’t like Rhea. Pallavi says I’m not saying this, and tells him to make his choice. It may be. Badi Dida says she wants to end it maybe. She says she does not want Ranbir to even take Prachi’s name, and says his life is his, but Prachi won’t come into hers.

Pallavi says you have announced this at the wrong time and in the wrong way. Dida says she did this so that Prachi wouldn’t have any misunderstandings. Ranbir has the right to decide about his life. You have announced his wedding without asking him. She tells us that we have to ask him.

When Rhea arrives, Dida starts acting and tells Badi Dida they will have designer clothes for the wedding. Badi Dida says the marriage will be in Punjabi style. Rhea hugs Dida for surprising her so much. After hearing Ashok and Akshay’s conversation, Prachi collides with Rhea. She congratulates her. Rhea replies that you have already congratulated me.

Rhea asks where Prachi is going. Prachi says Dadi and Shahana stay with her, so she has to go. She says Dadi was calling her. Priya hears them. Akshay thanks Ranbir and hugs him, thanking him for his help. He says if Ranbir hadn’t helped you, Prachi wouldn’t have said that. Ranbir asks what Prachi said and says he wasn’t there.

He asks Ranbir who announced his wedding. Ranbir says my Dida. Ashok says it is a double happiness. Dida thinks of Pallavi and says don’t say I did anything wrong. Badi Dida comes behind her and says Pallavi must do what you say. Dida complains about Pallavi to Vikram. Pallavi says what is wrong is wrong and you are wrong.

The matter will end once I say what I want, and then there will be no argument. Pallavi asks what? Ranbir answers that he is contemplating whether or not I did the right thing. Akshay says your Dida announced, and even you wanted. Ranbir says Prachi wouldn’t have agreed if you proposed in your way. He asks why did you seek my help?

Ranbir says he is not happy. Akshay asks if you also love Prachi. Ashok asks what you are saying, and reveals he is upset about his marriage announcement with Rhea. Asok says that if he had loved Prachi, he would have made her his instead of helping him. Ranbir thinks he should not tell them now, and tells that he is upset with my marriage announcement with Rhea.

Akshay says I misunderstood. Ashok asks Akshay to call Prachi and ask her to come. Akshay does. Ashok tells Ranbir he is Prachi’s boss, but he is her father, and he can order and scold her as he wishes. During the Mainu Ishq Tera song, Prachi cries and is angry that Ranbir helped Akshay propose to her. Akshay calls her, but she doesn’t pick up.

Ashok says we will meet Ranbir’s dad and leave. Prachi recalls Ranbir making Rhea eat the cake. Akshay says she won’t pick up the call. Priya says she has gone home. Dida says she is older than Pallavi and is always right, and she has seen her make bad decisions. Pallavi asks why and asks Dida to explain.

Dida says your wife is angry with me because I announced Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage. Vikram says we should calm down and talk. Pallavi says I didn’t forget, we didn’t know Prachi was alive then. Dida says it’s about Ranbir and Rhea. Pallavi says it’s about Ranbir’s life.

Last time, you had decided that Ranbir would marry Rhea, not Prachi. Now, you are saying he will stay with Prachi. Pallavi says I didn’t say anything, and that I wanted him to make up his mind. You people have always taken the wrong decisions, so let the elder person decide. Vikram says you people are shouting, guests are outside, let’s see off the guests first, and then talk. They leave.

Shahana asks Prachi not to cry and asks her to tell. Dadi also asks her to tell them if something happened. Prachi cries and embraces Shahana and Dadi. They take her inside. Dadi closes the door.

A tearful Prachi says that it was not a business party, but Ranbir’s birthday party, where Akshay proposed to me in front of everyone. Dadi and Shahana are shocked. Prachi says Dida then announced that Ranbir would marry Rhea.

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