Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Monisha’s Plan Against RV and Poorvi

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During the first part of the episode, Monisha laughs and asks Vaishali about her relationship with me, and he replies you know me well since Deepika got married. She says you used to describe me as intelligent and wise. If Poorvi wins RV, all the power will go to her. She asks you to stop RV and Poorvi from going on their honeymoon. She says her sister destroyed our lives and is living a peaceful life in her own right.

Khushi has done something I cannot change, but whatever happens in the house will be good. Deepika says even I trusted you, but Chachi is right. What will happen if you lose the RV? Monisha says not to. The RV is going through a bypass way, and they can’t use the lift. She says she’s already arranged for it and says the fuel has been leaching for a long time. She says the RV must call us. Vaishali and Deepika smile.

RV blames Poorvi as the car stopped. Poorvi asks how you heard what I thought and says if God listened to me, that is not my fault. RV says he didn’t hear anything. Poorvi asks then how did you know that I did this. He says you are prone to accidents. She says she ignored the accident, and that is why she asked God to stop the car as he was driving fast. RV asks who are you? He says fuel is running low.

Then Poorvi asks how we are going to get there. She says you should have filled it up first. RV says he doesn’t ask God for this and says my car is filled up daily. He asks her to make sure the vehicle isn’t leaking. She says you should also have checked the petrol tank. RV says he’s not a mechanic. She asks where he’s going. He gets irritated and says he’s going to call the mechanic. The mechanic calls and says he is…Poorvi says they are on Highway 55.

The mechanic is shocked by RV telling him. Monisha asks Vaishali not to doubt her love and says RV loves me and keeps me first. RV calls Monisha and tells her that the car stopped working and the garage is 3 km away. He says they will take the vehicle and return home. Vaishali tells Monisha that she didn’t do right and leaves.

When Harleen arrives, she tells me that RV suffered a lot as a result of Khushi and that she has nothing to do with Poorvi, but if her son suffers, she won’t tolerate it. You know that RV is innocent, so that girl must be trying to trap him. She says she won’t allow anything to happen next time. She tells Monisha she did this not for RV but for Poorvi.

Poorvi and RV are walking. Poorvi says she is unable to walk now. RV asks why you wore heels. Poorvi says it is a girl’s shringar. Monisha comes to RV’s room, wears RV’s suit, and says I can’t wait to be in his embrace. Song plays… RV and Poorvi see the car coming. Poorvi tries to stop the vehicle, but it goes. She asks why you did not stop the car. Whenever you beat me, he asks you what you will do.

When Poorvi asks what will happen if I beat you, RV replies, “I’m done with this nonsense.” She falls on the road when trying to walk. He says you’ve finally dug a hole in the road. He helps her get up. She says she can’t walk anymore. He asks if she expects him to lift her, but he won’t. She asks if your hands lack strength and if he is weak.


Prachi prays to God to keep RV and Poorvi’s love and trust intact. Monisha tells Prachi that RV is returning. RV and Poorvi are in the jungle and close to each other.

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