Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th January 2024: Ruhi’s Heartbreak and Armaan’s Struggles

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Ruhi hears a car horn as she goes to her window, and she sees Armaan’s car. As she runs downstairs, Manish says, “Be careful. Where are you going?” She smiles and goes to the door. A guy gets some boxes and says Surekha’s courier. According to Manish, it’s Surekha’s one-day shopping.

She thinks Armaan didn’t come, and this is the importance I have in his eyes. Armaan comes and says I will take Ruhi home today. Ruhi thinks his calls and messages stopped coming, so he won’t come.

Armaan receives a call and reminds himself to focus on Ruhi. He answers the call and inquires about the situation from Abhira. She asks for the location of the headache medicine, but Ruhi refuses to go to her. Assuring that nothing has gone wrong, Abhira hangs up the call. Armaan decides to head back, but Ruhi hopes that it is his calling. However, Armaan clarifies that he hasn’t met Ruhi yet. After considering his options, Armaan resolves to meet Ruhi and tells her to get ready as he is on his way. Happily, Ruhi exclaims that she knew he would come to her eventually.

Imagining Armaan, Ruhi checks Manisha on the call. Manisha says, oh no, I called the Poddars’ house by mistake. Armaan left… Armaan comes home and shouts Abhira. He sees Abhira crying, lying on the floor. He picks up the phone and sees Yuvraj. Manisha asks Ruhi why he called. Ruhi says I called to remind mum about her medicines, is Armaan at home, and I was being contacted by party venue people.

Ruhi says I want to talk to Armaan about caterers and decorators payment, is he home. Manisha says no, and Ruhi ends the call. Manisha says Ruhi is up to something. Armaan asks Abhira to get up. My mum’s murderer was partying, and my mumma wanted justice, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Abhira cries and says I hate myself. Armaan recalls Akshara’s death. He holds Abhira’s hand.

Suwarna inquires, “Are you waiting for Armaan?” Ruhi responds, “No, I just placed an order.” Suwarna persists, “Do not deceive me. I am aware that you came here because of him. It may seem odd, but it’s a positive thing. You must understand that Abhira and Armaan are married and may unknowingly develop feelings for each other.” Abhira weeps and expresses her frustration, “I am filled with anger and pain. While Yuvraj is enjoying his life and is happy, I am lost. What can I possibly do?” Armaan joins in on the emotions and sheds tears as well. Ruhi agrees with Suwarna’s earlier statement, adding, “Unfortunately, he will not return to me.”

Armaan approaches Madhav, who inquires about his well-being. Armaan responds, stating he is not used to his father’s concern and would instead seek Inspector Madhav’s assistance. Without hesitation, Madhav contacts the Mussoorie police station officer. Armaan seems surprised that Madhav already knew about his issue. Still, Madhav explains that as a father, he stays updated on his son’s life and learns about his daily conversations with Abhira. He speaks to the inspector regarding Yuvraj being at large and urges him to fulfil his duties by arresting him before it jeopardises his job. With a grin, Armaan expresses his gratitude.

Seeing Abhir’s pic, Manish says, “We all want Abhir back and to stay happy, but we don’t know if he will return. If you neglect Ruhi, will you not put her first?” Suwarna says, “We all wish Abhir would return and stay happy.” He asks what happened to her. She says she has come home with all her stuff. He said she refused when we were going to take her, but now she has come. Did anything happen? Nobody has told me. She says, “For a bit, forget about Abhir.”

Ruhi has arrived, and we are determined to keep her by our side. However, she insists that we cannot coerce her. We believe it is in her best interest to remain here and will ensure she does not return to Poddar house. As for Armaan, he surprises Abhira with a cupcake, acknowledging her uniqueness. She thanks him and takes a bite. Armaan playfully teases her for not sharing, and she explains that she thought the cupcake was for her alone. He encourages her to finish it while he watches with a smile. Meanwhile, Abhira notices his gaze and asks why he is staring at her. He light-heartedly jokes that some leftover cupcake is on her face, making her look funny. He helps clean it off and comments on her being energetic despite not eating much.

As Ruhi thinks of Armaan, she hopes he will come. However, upon checking the accounts, she is shocked to discover that 50 lakhs had been stolen from Manish’s account. Just then, Suwarna arrives with Kheer, and Ruhi shares the news. Suwarna is equally taken aback, and Ruhi asks if she is okay. Suwarna responds negatively and suggests that it may be a mistake. But Ruhi insists on reporting the fraud to the bank, to which Suwarna objects, saying it was done for Abhir’s sake. This revelation leaves Ruhi in shock once again.


Ruhi says the time is up. Armaan says I’ll wait for you before therapy time. She waits for him. Armaan says I’m here. Abhira appears.

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