Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 12th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Abhinav expressing his fear of being slapped, mentioning that Akshara has a tendency to slap in the hospital. She responds by saying that she would have slapped him even more if he had continued to scare her, and requests him not to do it again as she cannot imagine living without him. He apologizes and she thanks him for never leaving her and their child Abhir alone. Acknowledging his promise to always be there for them, Abhinav admits being afraid of her slap and asks her to sing a song. She agrees, promising to sing until he stops her. Manish expresses gratitude for Abhinav’s role in saving their child and suggests donating something to the hospital in his name. The doctor appreciates their gesture and Akshara starts singing Dheeme dheeme gaun… They spend quality time together with Akshara writing ILU on his hand bandage before finally hugging him with a smile. Concerned for Abhinav’s well-being after the surgery, Abhimanyu reminds them of the need to take care of him for 24 hours as anything can happen. Finally, Abhinav declares his love for Akshara.

As Akshara declares her love for Abhinav, she immediately checks on him and inquires about his wellbeing. In a panic, she calls out for the doctor and attracts the attention of those nearby. With urgency, medical personnel rush to assist while a ward boy tries to prevent the family from entering. Abhimanyu becomes anxious as the doctor examines Abhinav and delivers devastating news of internal bleeding. In that moment, both Akshara and Abhinav share a tender gaze. Meanwhile, Kairav observes Akshara’s plight and suggests they all enter to support her. Muskaan agrees but is stopped by a man who informs them it’s not allowed. Feeling overwhelmed, Abhimanyu wonders why he feels so tense – is it due to Akshara or their unborn child? He recalls placing his locket in the changing room and requests to use the phone urgently, but is denied by a constable. As he reflects on his life with Akshara, Abhinav’s condition worsens as he goes into seizure. Before taking his last breath, he makes one final declaration of love for both Akshara and their child named Junior. Akshara is left in shock as she cries out

The doctor delivers the devastating news that Abhinav has passed away. Overwhelmed with heartache, Neela sinks back and weeps inconsolably. Manish and the rest of the group rush to their side in shock. Their eyes widen at the sight of the nurse draping Abhinav’s lifeless body with a white cloth. Muskaan cries out for her brother and rushes towards him, pleading with the nurse to stop. Meanwhile, Neela is unable to believe what has happened and clings onto Abhinav, insisting that he is still alive, urging Akshara to confirm this truth. Kairav embraces his mother in an attempt to comfort her as they all mourn the loss together. Suwarna desperately implores Akshara to get up, hoping that it’s all just a terrible nightmare. Amidst the chaos and grief, Muskaan holds onto Abhinav tightly and accuses Manjiri’s son of being responsible for his death. She swears to bring justice by making sure he goes to jail. Manjiri breaks down in sorrow upon seeing her son’s lifeless body and can’t help but wonder why such a good man had to die so suddenly.

Kairav calms Muskaan down, as she expresses her distress over her brother’s abduction and the visitors who only come to mourn. Akshara rises from her seat and takes Abhinav’s hand. She softly sings “Aapki nazron ne samjha” while everyone sheds tears. Tenderly, she covers him with a blanket and gently arranges his hair. Applying kajal to his eyes, she reassures him to rest as they must return home soon. Abhir contacts Akshara and inquires about their arrival time. Smiling, she replies that they are on their way back from Kasauli, where they will celebrate a belated farewell for Abhinav before heading home together.


Manjiri says Abhinav has left us. Abhimanyu is shocked. Pandit asks who will perform the last rites. Dadi suggests Abhir. Akshara says she will perform them.

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