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She has troubled her family a lot, and now is the time to get out of their lives forever by divorcing Angad. Sahiba looks at Angad in disbelief. Inder warns Manveer to stop her nonsense. They are in trouble and she is talking about their divorce. Even Manveer wanted their son’s divorce, but because Sahiba assisted him in his wrongdoings, he is supporting her.

Akaal asks her to stop her wrong demand. Manveer says her demand is justified and asks Angad to speak. Seerat asks Angad to tell that he wants to forget Sahiba forever and that he does not wish to remain with her. It was Sahiba’s decision to leave him; Angad says he never wishes to leave him. Seerat says words spoken out of anger or drunk are always true. Sahiba should decide whether to stay with him.

Sahiba says he easily puts the blame on her and wants her to decide. She asks Manveer to get the divorce papers signed by her son and send them to her. She walks out of the cabin. Angad and Inder follow her. They are informed that Sahiba’s mobile has been hacked and she is advised to log out of all social media and bank accounts until the hacker is found. Inder asks what happened with Angad’s phone.

On Inder’s order, she takes Sahiba’s phone and gives her another phone. The tech says Angad’s phone is connected to his computer. They’re checking both. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to be connected to anyone and leaves. Inder asks her to keep the phone. In a lift, she cries as the song Sahiba Ruthgaiya Sahiba Ruthgaiya plays in the background.

Rumi is relieved to hear that Sahiba is finally getting a divorce and decides to accompany her to the college library. Upon noticing a reminder on Sahiba’s phone, Tech informs Angad who confirms that it is for Inder – Simran’s birthday is just two days away. Touched by Sahiba’s thoughtfulness towards others, Inder becomes emotional. However, Angad points out that she seems to have forgotten about him before walking away with a hint of sadness. Meanwhile, Sahiba is diligently studying at the library when the librarian announces closing time. She politely requests for more time as she still has some unfinished notes to complete.

As she leaves, the librarian asks her to close the library. Sahba gets busy again. Rumi walks in and talks romantically with her. Sahiba gets scared and asks who he is. He says he is her Mirza. Sahiba recalls reading a note with flower bouquets and says he is just a stalker. While Sahiba fears him, Rumi continues to scare her with his words, and Sahiba attempts to search for him as he tells her that she will soon divorce her husband and be with him forever. Sahiba grows increasingly worried.

The precap:

Family members are shocked to hear that Manveer will ask Angad to divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Seerat is thrilled to hear that. Sahiba is brought home by Angad and he says she will stay here since her life is at risk. Angad warns her not to speak a word against his wife Sahiba, and Manveer yells this shameless girl cannot stay here.

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