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The Episode begins with Payal returning home and summoning Bindiya to have a chat with her. Sakshi remarks on how the supposedly uneducated girl has struck three times, first Indu, then Krish, and now her sister. She believes Bindiya will have to flee. Krish informs Nikku that the sisters share genuine affection for each other but are not forthcoming about their true feelings. He ponders over what kind of courses they offer during breaks from school. Nikku wonders if Krish is bothered by either Bindiya or Payal’s actions, mentioning that Payal was seen with another girl which may have caused jealousy or resentment in him. Krish expresses his confusion as to why he would be jealous in the first place. Nikku jokingly comments on how he doesn’t need bhang (a traditional drink) to understand Krish’s emotions and reassures him that he knows something is troubling him. Krish asks about Rudra and where he came from, to which Nikku explains that according to Bindiya, she received his number from a canteen worker. Therefore, Krish decides to investigate further into this matter.

Bindiya tells Payal what she wants to do, and says she doesn’t want to remember her past, so she asks why you want to scratch my wounds. She says she has seen him yearning for him and feeling pain. Bindiya tells Payal that I’m fine and asks her to leave. She says I know you still have love in you. Payal asks why you went behind me to spy on me and calls her a big betrayal. Bindiya cries and says she just wants to help you.

Payal accuses you of only caring for yourself and wanting to get rid of me so that you can live a stress-free life. She believes that since moving into this large house, your heart has become small and you have become selfish. She wonders if you are questioning why you should continue living here. Bindiya angrily interjects, saying that Payal cannot comprehend the situation. Payal insists that Bindiya’s actions are foolish, to which Bindiya responds by reminding her that it would have been foolish to leave her. Payal questions why Bindiya didn’t leave her, suggesting it was out of pity. However, Bindiya clarifies that her decision is not driven by sympathy, but rather by love, something Payal cannot seem to understand at this point in time.

As Krish and Nikku approach the canteen guy, he threatens him to tell the truth and asks why he lied. The canteen guy says he lied because Payal asked him to. Krish is shocked.

Payal expresses her happiness while Bindiya confidently declares her ability to cope without their love, given her immense affection for Krishna ji. Payal blames Bindiya for causing her pain and adamantly refuses any help from her, as Rudra’s presence was the cause of their current predicament. Bindiya questions why Payal continues to stay with them instead of going to Chiraiyya. Payal chooses not to argue with Bindiya and pretends to cry, stating that she doesn’t want to see Rudra as he is getting married to someone else. However, Bindiya suggests that Payal should meet him at least once before making a decision. On one hand, she encourages Payal to move on and forget him, but on the other hand, she advises her to meet him. This confuses Payal who decides that if she meets him and doesn’t like what she sees, she will put an end to their relationship. Finally, Bindiya embraces her in a hug.

Krish inquires about Rudra, to which the canteen staff confesses his unawareness. Nikku dismisses him and suggests Krish to ask Payal instead. Bindiya then invites everyone to join her for a meal. She calls out to Krishna and requests him to join them. However, Krishna declines, explaining that he will eat later when he returns. Indu becomes agitated, expressing her disappointment in Krishna’s constant absence since their marriage. Payal, on the other hand, is relieved that Krishna is not around. Indu storms off from the room while Sakshi comments on Bindiya’s attempt to save the food. Bindiya approaches Indu in their room and encourages her to eat. However, Indu angrily throws her plate and orders Bindiya to leave her alone.

Bindiya crouches to retrieve the fallen food and carries the plate away. As Sakshi approaches, she urges Indu to relax, which only seems to agitate her further. Bindiya returns with more food and encourages Indu to eat. However, Sakshi points out that their mother declined to eat and questions if Bindiya has no sense of shame. Undeterred, Bindiya vows to fetch another plate even if it is thrown away by their mother. Angered by Indu’s outburst, Bindiya pleads for Sakshi’s help in convincing her to eat. Sakshi succeeds in coaxing Indu into having a meal and dismisses Bindiya from the room, claiming that her presence dampens her mood. Bindiya leaves as Sakshi smirks triumphantly.

When Bindiya comes out, Baldev appreciates her and asks whether she felt bad about Indu’s words. Baldev says Krishna ji had food outside many times. Bindiya says she doesn’t feel bad about Maa ji’s sayings and she is sad that Krishna ji didn’t have food. Krish’s bad habits will be changed by Bindiya.


She opens the door and asks Krish what he is doing in Payal’s room.

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