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The Episode begins with Baldev stating his intention to bring Bindiya home and turn this chidiya ghar into a ghar. Krish reminds him that it will be Payal, not Bindiya, who will be coming. Indu laughs and jokes about not bringing jhumka. Krish then shares his love for a college classmate named Payal and declares that he wants to marry her. Baldev questions whether Krish truly understands the meaning of love. Krish firmly asserts that he is determined to marry Payal. Baldev turns to Ishwar and mentions his plan to visit Chiraiya and discuss marriage with Bindiya. At the same time, Krish mentions that he has plans to go to Kanpur tomorrow. Indu expresses her desire for a modern daughter-in-law, wondering if they want a bahu who will work in the fields. Baldev reaffirms that Bindiya will indeed be their bahu.

Bindiya tries the dress brought by Payal, and asks her to wear it. Payal says she has managed to bring it for her, saving money. Bindiya asks her to delete her picture when she clicks. Krish calls Payal and he tells her he is coming to Kanpur. Payal makes excuses and asks him not to come. Rose hears her and calls her a liar.

Upon reaching Chiraiyya, Baldev confides in Ishwar about Krish’s stubborn nature. While observing Bindiya hard at work on her farm, he comments on her diligence and contrasts it with Krish’s aversion to labor. As Bindiya prays for the success of her farm and others, Baldev takes a photo of her beaming face. Kaka arrives and praises Bindiya in front of Baldev. Dismissing his original purpose of visiting her house, Baldev explains that he coincidentally stumbled upon her at the farm. Phoolmati notices their interaction and assumes that the old man has ulterior motives towards Bindiya. To show his appreciation for her hard work, Baldev gives Bindiya money and instructs her to use it to free her farm from debt. Bindiya is taken aback by his quick return of the money and charms him with her genuine innocence.

Baldev presents her with a photo, explaining that it is of his son and expresses his wish for her to become his daughter-in-law. Bindiya is taken aback and expresses her gratitude for the gesture, but declines the proposal. Phoolmati overhears and wonders why Bindiya is declining. Baldev insists she take a look at his son’s photo, but Bindiya politely declines, stating that she is just an ordinary girl and his son deserves someone better. She humbly asks Phoolmati not to degrade herself by considering her as a potential match for their son, as he surely can find a more suitable life partner. With folded hands, Bindiya apologizes and firmly refuses to marry him, explaining that she has no choice in the matter.

Krish informs his friend that his father intends to marry him off to an uneducated girl in order to make their house a home. His friend responds by mentioning how Krish’s dad at least gave him a car, while his own father doesn’t even have enough money to fill up his bike with petrol. Krish seeks his friend’s advice and mentions that Payal must be waiting for him. In response, his friend suggests that he should bring Payal in front of Krish’s father disguised as someone else. He adds that Payal is a talented actress and will impress his father with her acting skills. He urges Krish not to give his father any reason to reject her. Overjoyed, Krish embraces his friend.

When Phoolmati tells Rose about Baldev’s proposal, Rose says she can’t stand it. Phoolmati says whoever cannot see you is blind. Rose says the old man’s son must be having trouble, that’s why he chose Bindiya. Payal comes and hugs Dadi. She sees Dadi hearing Bindiya and Rose. Phoolmati tells him Bindiya refused him and asks if I will get your marriage done with him. She sees Dadi hearing Bindiya and Rose. Ishwar says Baldev talks to him about why Bindiya refused, what caused her helplessness.

As Baldev spots Master ji, he greets him warmly. The latter enquires about Bindiya, to which Baldev confirms their meeting. Just then, Sarpanch ji joins them and Master ji reveals that Bindiya had saved Baldev’s life. Impressed by her courageous act, Sarpanch ji praises Bindiya’s helpful nature and says she is a credit to Chiraiya. He also commends her for balancing house duties while possessing admirable qualities. Baldev and Ishwar are left in awe. Master ji adds that a whole day would not be enough to extol her virtues before they take their leave. Feeling disheartened, Baldev questions Ambe Maa for giving him false hope if she knew Bindiya would reject him.

In response to Dadi’s question, Bindiya says she will marry, but if she does, who will take care of you, the house, the farm, and Payal’s education? She has a year left to complete her education. Payal asks what’s the rush? Dadi says she might lose her happiness if she leaves education.


Payal prepares to meet her sasural and tells Bindiya that Krish asks her to lie for love.

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