Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 7th August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 7th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Swati suggesting they kill Maan to protect their secret. However, her accomplice warns of the potential suspicion that could arise if they were to do it at home. He asks if the internet was also switched off when she turned off her phone. She confirms and he assures her that the phone won’t be traced. He tells her to leave before they are seen together, as it could cause complications. Once she’s gone, he reflects on his troubles and mentions missing someone named Raghav. He then talks with Pammi about Maan.

As Surilii told me, you don’t want any light or noise while sleeping, we made such arrangements for you. She tells me to come home, freshen up, and take some rest. He says I miss Surilii. Surilii misses him and wears his shirt. Shiv says I’ll leave for Ranak later today. Mohit thanks him, and he drives the remote car. Roshni says it’s expensive. Shiv says look at his happiness. Roshni says Shiv is one of my family friends.

As Roshni faints, Shiv inquires about her condition and decides to call a doctor. Mohit reveals that Roshni has been unwell for quite some time, but she hasn’t confided in him. He mentions seeing her take medication. Meanwhile, Sam is occupied with a meeting and Samar assists him. The clients are impressed with the presentation and ask Samar to draft the contract. Samar praises Sam’s hard work and offers to prepare the necessary documents. After successfully completing the task, Sam expresses his gratitude by hugging Samar and thanking him. Samar reassures Sam that he will always be there for him. Later, Mithi brings breakfast and Samar suggests that she serve it to Sam. As Sam asks Mithi what’s wrong, she replies that she is busy with work and leaves abruptly. Sensing something amiss, Samar checks in on her well-being and finds out that she’s upset because Maa isn’t talking to her anymore. He advises Sam to go talk to Maa and assures him that he will handle everything at home. Grateful for his support, Sam thanks Samar and goes off to see Maa while the doctor examines Roshni’s condition.

Shiv informs Mohit that she has diabetes, but the doctor begs to differ. She then requests him to obtain her medical reports, which he promptly does. After the doctor reviews them, it is revealed that Shiv may have had cancer in the past and that it has resurfaced. Without hesitation, Shiv urges for treatment to begin immediately. However, before he can attend to her, Surili calls him. He informs her of a medical emergency his friend is facing and promises to call back later. Surili reassures him that everything will be fine with his friend’s condition. Meanwhile, Roshni wakes up confused and questions where she is being taken as she refuses to leave Mohit’s side. Shiv clarifies that they are going to the hospital because she had fainted earlier. Roshni insists that fainting is not equivalent to dying but Shiv knows the truth about her health struggles and how she has been dealing with it all alone. In an emotional moment, Roshni locks herself in the room while Mohit breaks down outside the door begging for her return. As Shiv expresses his gratitude towards the doctor for his help, he consoles an overwhelmed Mohit.

Mohit mentions making her favourite milk chocolate, while Samar notices Surilii cooking and approaches Swati to ask her to compete with Surilii. He remarks that it is easy to fool those who are not wise, and Swati taunts Surilii. Mohit assures everyone that he will handle the situation, and Shiv acknowledges his mother’s teachings by putting Mohit to sleep. Roshni questions why Shiv is pretending everything is fine, and he reminds her of their doctor’s advice about not avoiding treatment. She tells him to return to Ranak. Meanwhile, Surilii discusses Shiv with Maasi and Roshni asks why she cares so much for her well-being. Surilii explains that their recent argument only made their bond stronger and she feels lucky to have him in her life. Pammi blesses Surili at the end of their conversation.

Shiv says I am your friend, what are you hiding. She says I need to spend time with my son.


Surilii tells Rani Maa and Pammi she is pregnant. Shiv says you need Mohit’s father. Roshni says you are Mohit’s father.

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