Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th August 2023 Written Episode

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Roshni and Shiv having an argument. Surilii mentions that a storm is on its way and she will talk to them later. Pammi agrees and Shiv suggests that Mohit’s father may be able to help fix things. However, Roshni dismisses the idea, stating that he is married and she doesn’t want to involve him. Shiv expresses how much he misses his own father, but Roshni firmly tells him to stay out of it. He accuses her of being stubborn for not allowing their son to see his own father, but she explains that it is a matter of self-respect as the other person has moved on with their life without looking back. She urges him to stop bringing up the topic as there are other solutions available.

He asks what ways, I want to know. She asks him to leave her alone. He says he wants your betterment. Surilii shuts the windows. Roshni opens the door and asks Shiv to leave. She says everyone talks big, but no one takes responsibility. The problem is your thinking, you think that you are doing well, but that’s not right. If you don’t let him know about Mohit, he might accept her, there are good people there too. She asks what you would do in his position.

He confirms, if given the chance, he would have taken responsibility, as doing what is right is effortless. He asks for his name and whereabouts. She abruptly interrupts, questioning whether he has the courage to listen to it. He assures her he does, asking for her to tell him so that he can speak with him directly. She reveals that she is Mohit’s mother, leaving him stunned. As Shiv and Surili’s wedding photograph accidentally falls, Surilii picks it up and inspects it. Shiv then questions if Mohit is his son. Roshni affirms it to be true and explains that she came here for medical treatment and never expected to meet him. She acknowledges that he seems happy with his life and she too is content with Mohit. She reminds him to be grateful that she did not insist on being part of his life as she could have easily been persistent, but chose not to out of respect for everyone involved. Finally, she urges him not to share this information with anyone else.

Shiv cries and leaves. Raghav comes to Samar and says we will go to the new pub and party. Samar says I will see you later. Raghav says we will go in 15 minutes. Samar says you want to celebrate right now.

Swati approached Rani Maa and expressed her feeling of being treated like an outsider. Rani Maa reminded her to speak respectfully. Swati then shared her concerns about Surilii causing stress for Maan, who could potentially have an asthma attack. Rani Maa was taken aback by this news. Swati suggested that Surilii make ghee halwa and feed it to Maan in order to placate him. Swati continued to express her complaints about Surilii’s behavior. Meanwhile, Rani Maa left the room and returned later to check on Maan. She found Surilii talking with him, offering him the halwa she had made. Surilii encouraged Rani Maa to try some for Maan’s sake, which she did and enjoyed. Surilii remarked that everyone would like the halwa, while Swati looked on silently.

As Shiv strolls down the road, his mind wanders to Mohit and their childhood memories. The group gathers for dinner, but Surilii declines due to feeling unwell. Despite her nausea, Mithi serves laddoos and tea. Concerned, Rani Maa asks if she is alright, to which Surilii apologizes and admits she feels ill. Samar offers to take her to the doctor for a possible viral fever while Swati suggests calling a doctor to the house. However, Surilii declines these offers politely. Rani Maa then instructs Surilii to rest in her room while Mithi takes care of her and brings breakfast. Later on, Rani Maa hands a pregnancy test kit to Surilii and encourages her to check the results on her own. She expresses hope for good news as she herself has four children and plenty of life experience. Grateful, Surilii thanks her as Rani Maa leaves the room and Surilii checks the kit for its results.

I should tell Shiv first, I will call him, no, I won’t tell him on call, his expressions will be missed, I will tell him when he returns home. She smiles seeing the positive results.


Shiv comes to meet Roshni and Mohit. He says Mohit is my responsibility, and I’m explaining it to him. Surilii says I want the baby to look like his father. Roshni disagrees.

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